• Heats up in under a minute.
  • Freshens clothes, drapes, bedsheets, pillows quickly and easily.
  • Nice over the shoulder option.
  • No need to iron again.


  • Short cord. I'd have it over my shoulder to release the creases in my sheets on my bed, and I'd get stuck. I couldn't reach around the other side. I'd either have to find another plug, or I'd have to reach akwardly accross the bed.
  • Certain applicays still need an iron to apply. Too bad companies can't make a steamer work on applicays because I want my steamer to completely take the place of my iron.
  • Bulky to store.
  • Stand was not stable.
  • Even though I can easily put it on my shoulder, it is a little bulky and heavy for me.
  • Spurted water occasionally.
  • Seamtresses would still need an iron for creasing fabric.

Full Review

Even though the Tobi Steamer was way over priced when I bought it three years ago, I loved it. It was my first steamer, and I reveled at getting up in the morning to steam my outfit for the day. Not only did it take out the wrinkles, the clothes were warm and fresh to put on.

I freshened my sheets, pillows, blankets, and curtains and felt so dustmite free.

It sputtered a little, but still gave forth enough steam for two years to keep my wardrobe wrinkle free. Although I ran white vinegar through it, it never seemed to be clear. Perhaps it was wearing out. Finally, I left it on all day by accident, and it never started again. I finally got rid of it and am in the market for a new steamer.

I'm looking for something smaller with a longer cord. The cord on my Tobi steamer was so short it was difficult to move far from the plug. This canceled out any convience of the ability to detach the main steamer from the larger unit and carry it around by the shoulder strap. The moment I walked two or three feet away from the plug, I had to find another plug. Might as well have left it connected to the larger unit and rolled it around.

Overall I was happy with the Tobi as it was my first freedom from the iron. However, my next steamer will be smaller and much less expensive. It will be nice to have another steamer to compare my old Tobi to.

In Closing

Steamers are the way to go. Quick and easy. Unfortunately I left my Tobi steamer on when I left the house for a day, and the motor burned out. Maybe it's a good thing as there are many newer less expensive, and more compact steamers on the market now.

I'd like to try a travel model when I buy a new one to see if it could accomplish what my big Tobi steamer did, but not take as much space to store.