The Undead in Warhammer Online are split into two main factions. These are the Tomb Kings and the Vampire Counts. Nagash, the first necromancer from eons ago, devised the black sorceries that resulted in all Undead.

The Undead were once alive, then they died. Now they are neither alive nor dead. They are unable to eternally rest and their souls roam the world searching for their past physical bodies. Nagash, the foul necromancer of long ago created the Undead.

There are all sizes and shapes of Undead. There are shambling zombies, decayed skeletons that are ancient in age but what they all have in common is a hatred of the living. They are envious that they do not have the life that the living have; the undead feel that life has been denied to them.

The Vampire Counts
The armies of undead in The Vampire Counts embrace undeath and assault the Races of Order.

Vampires are disciples of Nagash. The Tomb Kings are wiling to fight to the death in order to defend their ancient cities and they are spreading across the Old World. Five families of Vampires exist.

Each of them has varying powers, ambitions and habits. They are mostly made up of skeletons, vampires, zombies, ghosts and bats with a keen interest in Necromancy and the occult. The five Vampire families are:

Blood Dragons
Von Carsteins

The Tomb Kings
Mankind's first civilisation, Nehekhara roamed the desert of the Old World south. Here the Kings of Nehekhara ruled for centuries. Then Nagash became King in Khemri; the capital.

The Kings of other cities rebelled successfully then Nagash killed everything in the land by casting a spell. King Alcadizaar defeated Nagash but even then, the Kings rose once again as the land was destroyed. So was born the Tomb Kings.

There have been many Tomb Kings over time. Nagash the Great Necromancer was part of the 3rd dynasty which was a time of turbulence. Khetep and Thutep also ruled at this time.

There was a civil was in the 4th dynasty but by the 5th dynasty there was peace and unison again (Setep). Now in the 7th dynasty, Settra the Imperishable rules with an iron fist over his successors and descendants.

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