Small, Sleek Design with a Bright Vivid Display

Walkman Features and Fitness Applications

Tons of Personalization Options for the User


Small, Hard to use Buttons

Low Quality Music

Not Many Additional Features

Full Review

When you're thinking about buying a cell phone, do you research on it before purchasing it? Do you check out any online reviews or talk to someone you know that owns one? If not, you're making a very poor marketing decision and may potentially spend quite a bit of money on something that you don't even like. With that being said, the purpose of this article is to inform you, the reader, about the new W880i Sony Ericsson. Not only will you be given a full written review, you will also be given both, pro and con lists for quick analysis.

Upon first glance the W880i is a small, stylishly designed, high tech cell phone and that analysis is completely accurate. Not only does this phone fit in the palm of your hand and just about any pants pocket, but it only weighs 2.5 ounces. The screen of this Ericsson is 1.75 inches and can display over 262,000 colors, giving it a very vivid and bright appearance. The font size of number punched in and viewed on the screen are large and easily seen. In fact, just about everything that is viewed on this phone is crisp, colorful and easily viewable. However, where the design of this phone starts to fall apart is the size of all the keys and buttons. Due to the face that the phone is so small and compact, it is extremely hard to not press more than one key. The size of these keys is so small in fact, that if you have large hands, it is nearly impossible to operate smoothly. The only buttons that are easily usable in fact, is the center toggle switch button.

When it comes to features however, the W880i has a decent amount of applications, although it can't compete with a smart phone. Having a built in Walkman Player has given Sony reason to install a few fitness applications on the phone. In addition, there is a 1,000 entry contact book which allows quite a bit of information for each contact, email support, pc syncing, USB hookup, airplane mode for the Walkman, as well as the basic phone load out features. Where the Ericsson W880i really shines however, is it's ability to personalized to the users liking. The online store has a ton of themes, screen savers, clock layouts and ring tones to choose from.

As far as performance goes, since this is not a smart phone, as previously mentioned, it runs very smoothly. The overall quality of the music, when played through its single speaker was not that great, but does just fine with head phones. Call quality is very high, both sending and receiving, with no major problems with signal in most urban areas. The battery life was not quite as good as other phones, most likely due to its small size, but it has a talk time of 7 hours and a standby time of nearly 18 days.

In Closing

Overall, the Ericsson W880i is a very visually appealing phone, tho hard to interact with due to its small buttons. However, it makes up for this by having a Walkman feature, tho the music quality is only good with headphones. In addition, there are quite a bit of personalization options, if you have the extra money to spend on purchasing them. All in all, great concept, but it was poorly designed.