The Weber Genesis E320 bbq grill

Introducing the Weber Genesis E320 bbq grill

We’ve completed a comprehensive review of the Weber Genesis E-320 grill and beneath you’ll find we’ve totally laid out all its features and benefits and also some of the limitations this particular Weber grill has so you can garner the detailed impartial picture. We have also searched both online and offline for you to identify the best on sale prices for these Weber Genesis E320 grills.

What was noticeable right from the beginning of my research is that the Weber Genesis E-320 gas bbq grill already has an legion of raving fans all over the world that vocalize the praises of its sizeable cooking area and ease of use on every occasion they can. And it’s simple to see why as the liquid propane or natural gas Weber Genesis E 320 grill comes loaded with a multitude of design features that make exterior cooking an absolute breeze. Whether you’re cooking for 20 individuals or just two – this Weber Genesis E-320 grill will handle it with comfort.

Its durable build and solid construction carry it leaps and bounds ahead of alternative contending grills in its range. I also may add that it’s not bad looking either, and you have a choice of 3 colors for the genesis E320 grill – Black (3751001) , Copper (6512001), Blue (6512001), Stainless Steel (6570001). It indisputably makes a nice edition to any yard or porch and I’m convinced you’ll be as proud as punch to invite your friends round so you can cook up a storm for them on this sizeable beauty of a grill.

If you maintain the Weber Genesis E320 it’ll last you 10 years or more!

Weber Genesis grills have an exceptional reputation for their durable designs and build excellence and they purely manufacture grills with the best of components. As a business, Weber distributes throughout the planet and they have gained an army of raving fans the world over. It would seem that once you own a Weber grill then you’re a supporter for life.

There’s a small amount of home construction to build the Genesis E320 Model but the instructions are extremely straightforward to follow and you’ll have it ready to grill in no time at all.

In fact one delighted buyer recently commented “assembly of this grill is nothing short of a very happy dream”.

Heavyweight Champion - the Genesis E-320 grill packs all the right punches

Some customers have also commented that it’s quality parts means its weighs around 170lbs. This makes moving the grill into its position a mission, but when its in place it gives you a strong, hardy, and sturdy cooking structure.

You might pay slightly more for a Weber grill compared to alternative brands, but you’ll absolutely get what you pay for. In the case of the Weber Genesis E320, keep it dirt free and look after it and it’ll last you well past ten years or more.

What makes the Weber Genesis E320 so capable? Well, you can fit 30 Burgers on the grill no problem for starters!

The Weber Genesis E-320 has a sizeable cooking surface area totalling some 637 square-inches. This will naturally afford you the space and flexibility to grill 35 burgers at any time, or pretty much everything you can think of. It’ll with no trouble handle a crowd of 20 people but is versatile enough to cook for only two people as well.

The cooking area has 3 powerful stainless steel burners that are very much adjustable via the conveniently located front facing valves. These are easily controlled to quickly give you a burst of heat or lowered to deliver a cooler heat and everything in-between. The burners will need an occasional cleanup but they’ll certainly last longer if you maintain them.

There’s also a neat flush mounted side burner which allows you to multi-task while grilling. The cooking grates are porcelain-enamelled cast-iron so they hang on to their heat equally across the grilling area meaning all your foods will cook and sear marvelously.

The Weber Genesis E320 has a generously proportioned and solidly constructed lid which is operated in an effortless push up and pull down manor. It’s constructed of black porcelain–enamel and is absolutely excellent at retaining warmth within the grill area when in the down position.

This ingenious design aids in the even delivery of warmth right through the entire grilling area, cooking all your food to perfection. One thing that’s exceptionally neat in relation to this lid is that it also has a perfectly positioned center mounted thermometer so you can readily keep an eye on the cooking heat at all times.

The Weber Genesis E320 comes with a practical electronic push button ignition system which gives you an immediate flame every time. This saves you from having to seek a lighter or a carton of matches to get the thing going. There’s also a useful fuel gauge that lets you know accurately where you stand on your propane natural gas levels at all times.

Weber Genesis E320 Grills comes with 24/7 support 364 days a year

One of the genuinely great things about purchasing a Weber Genesis E 320 grill is that you can buy with absolute piece of mind. Weber are the only grill organization we could find that’ll grant you 24/7 backup 364 days a year. Sincerely, if you have a bugbear just give them a shout and you’ll get the answers you need.

For your added piece of mind the entire portfolio of Weber bbqs all come with excellent warranties against defects.

If you’re making this kind of investment in a quality grill we would firmly advise purchasing a proper snug fitting cover for it. Not only will a cover completely look after your grill from the elements; it also looks first-class and helps to keep everything clean and tidy and will save you cleaning it ahead of your guests arrive.

Other options include the Weber Genesis E320 gas grill with a spit. The spit is powered by its own strong motor, and comes with 2 split forks which is suitable for whole chickens or a generous roast.

In summing up, the Weber Genesis E320 gas grill is an immensely desirable grill due to its great build quality, extensive cooking area and ability to cook awesome food for sizeable or small numbers and we recommend it highly.