Marketing of software is a tricky proposition. As a general rule, software developers are best at sticking to the development of software. However, that leaves them with a problem when it comes to marketing their offering. Who should they trust? How should they go about it? Should they go it alone or partner with someone? Should they bundle their software with another offering? Should they divide the software into different versions? All these questions must be satisfied to their satisfaction to give their product offering any chance of success in what is a very crowded marketplace.

Falling somewhat in the partnering camp is the concept of dynamic installers. A dynamic installer assists with the installation of software. Today, I will review BetterInstaller from the software house of Somoto – the same group that brought us the social media centric toolbar – the Somoto Toolbar.

I decided to integrate BetterInstaller into a piece of software I had almost completed developing. Integration couldn’t have been easier. BetterInstaller uses HTML5 so I could easily customize its design, notwithstanding that the standard design would suit most software. I also decided to use their NSIS and INNOSetup installers to set up offer screen capabilities. Offer screens have been proven a very effective tool to promote downloads. The well written SDK guided me through that task with without a hitch.

The use of multi-CDN thread allows the software to be automatically placed on the Amazon S3 cloud, a very nice addition to your software. Also, it goes without saying, that BetterInstaller is compatible with all major browsers.

One of Somoto’s big claims re BetterInstaller is that it provides access to Tier 1 advertisers. They also claim to perform in excess of 100 distinct premium Tier 1 advertising campaigns simultaneously. This is almost the Holy Grail for software developers. To talk is easy but in this instance I noticed performance and that is what counts in the real world. Access to Tier 1 advertisers also gave me confidence that my software was not being compromised by spam, Malware, Adware, or Spyware.

How my software would’ve sold without integrating BetterInstaller is only conjecture now. Suffice to say that, in future, I also won’t know how my software would’ve sold without BetterInstaller, as it has impressed me sufficiently as a vital addition to my software, to complement its performance and its marketability, that it will be integrated into any future offering of mine.

BetterInstaller is an offering that only adds to Somoto’s burgeoning reputation.