Kitsilano is a quaint and quiet beach community. Kitsilano Beach and Jericho Beach are the primary beaches that residents of Kitsilano enjoy. In addition to being a beach community, Kitsilano is a short distance from downtown Vancouver. Residents enjoy access to numerous shops, restaurants and the business district located downtown. The area was named after the Squamish Nation Khahtsahlanough chief. Much of the early history, however, surrounded a non-native settler by the name of Sam Greer. He and his family were instrumental in the early history of the town since his arrival in 1882.

History of Kitsilano
Because the area was inexpensive to live, many individuals from United States and Canada settled in the area in the 1960s. Kitsilano is also in close proximity to Granville Island. During the 1960s, many concert venues sprouted up all over the community, including Hard Rock Café. Currently, a Soft Rock Café has replaced the popular concert venue. A workout facility is also nearby. Also, during its early days, the community would use street cars to travel downtown and to the beach areas. Remnants of the old design are still present in the neighbourhood currently.
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Kitsilano Demographics
During an informal count in 2006, experts estimated over 40,000 residents living in Kitsilano. Over 45% of the population at that time was between 20 and 39 years of age. The other large group of individuals are between 40 and 64. These individuals comprise 33% of the population. Three-fourths of the people in Kitsilano speak English as their first language. Individuals may live comfortably in Kitsilano. The median household income is approximately $53,455 and the unemployment rate is low comparatively. Apparently, over 21% of the households in Kitsilano are low income. Therefore, individuals can live comfortably on a small income.

Events in Kitsilano
Annually in June, residents of Kitsilano enjoy Greek culture and food in Kitsilano's Greektown. Residents enjoy the festivities hosted along Broadway every year. The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is also another great point of interest. This particular event is held annually at the Jericho Beach Park during the summer months. The Vancouver Children's Festival and the outdoor Shakespeare festival are two events that residents enjoy at Kitsilano's Beach's Vanier Park.

Kitsilano Real Estate

Kitsilano Condominiums
Much of Kitsilano real estate is older and an understated elegance. Kitsilano has less of an urban appeal and less modern than other communities. However, the real estate prices are comparable to other more modern communities. Many of the homes have mountain views and are within walking distance to the beach. Some of the condominiums do have modern amenities such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, beautiful cabinetry and new stainless steel appliances.

Kitsilano Historical Homes
Kitsilano, not only has condominiums, but also large multi-million dollar historical homes that are well over 5000 square feet. Many of these homes have near 360 degree views of the ocean, outdoor decks, multiple suites, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, open floor plans, stained glass windows and a significant amount of acreage. Some of the more impressive homes have Sub-Zero appliances, five bedrooms and five bathrooms. These homes, though built in the early 1900s, have been refurbished and restored to their original beauty.

Kitsilano's Townhomes
Kitsilano's Vancouver real estate properties also consist of lovely townhomes with modern amenities. These homes come equipped with modern cabinetry, hardwood floors, modern light fixtures, impressive color schemes, oversized windows, contemporary fixtures, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, electric fireplaces and some even have beautiful views. Many of these homes are priced approximately $300,000. Most townhomes are attached and have three stories. Two bedrooms and baths are typically what most home buyers will find when searching for a townhome.

The townhomes in Kitsilano have a more modern appeal than some of the historical homes. However, the exterior includes some of the architectural design elements of historical older homes, though updated. The interior of the homes are definitely more contemporary and modern. Many of the townhome communities have outdoor pools, large Clubhouses and sundecks. Most are within a close proximity to a park or facing some green space. Designers made every effort to make the new construction more like a vacation home.

Other Important Kitsilano Information
Finding Vancouver real estate in Kitsilano will not be difficult. There are many homes on the market of all types. Home buyers simply must decide their size constraints and their budget. Many of the condominiums are only one bedroom and bath with a den. Most do not exceed 1000 square feet. Someone with a large family would not be comfortable in the condominium community. The townhomes or large homes will be more suitable for larger families. Most of the new construction consists of condominiums and townhomes. If you are seeking new construction and contemporary architectural design, most of the new construction appears to be townhomes and condominiums. Consult a real estate agent for more detailed information.