Amazon made a wonderful product when it comes to the Kindle, there is no doubt about that. From the battery lasting about a month before needing a charge, to the free 3G they offer if you pay a little more. It is also one of the lightest and most convenient products to carry around, even more convenient than carrying a single child’s novel let alone a 1,000 page mystery epic.


Why You Should Get A Kindle

The Kindle is in itself a very lightweight device, weighing in at only 5.98 ounces. This makes it easy on the wrists and arms for long reading seasons. Also the E ink display is wonderful, it seriously does look like you are reading right off of paper and not off of a screen. Not to mention the fact that if you happen to have more time on a trip than you imagined and finished a book, with the 3g you can download a new book within 30 seconds and be back to reading! This ease of access makes it a pure winner in my book.


If it wasn't for one large issue for me which I will get to below, then Kindles would be the perfect eReader. I love being able to check my mail anywhere I get 3G which is almost everywhere. I love being able to get my daily news on it. It is also a very solid made device, there are very few stories of people getting or breaking theirs and considering how many they have sold this is pretty amazing.

Why You Shouldn't Get a Kindle

The Kindle was at first marketed at the people who hoped to save money on books. This makes sense if you think about it, no distributing the books, no wasting ink and paper, so the author can simply push their book in an infinitely producible digital format and we all win? Not quite so fast, as publishers are trying to sell physical copies thus they set the prices themselves for the digital version. They usually set them much higher than even the hard back price. Now as to why it was so cheap in the past? That is because Amazon was eating the cost of making the books cheap so people would be inclined to invest in their eReader. I feel a little deceived by this move... however there are plenty of places to get up and coming authors books in digital format for cheap and still enjoy your Kindle.


Now if price is of no issue to you then you should have no other excuse for not getting one, cause other than that I cannot think of a single complaint about it.

Kindle 3G - Highly Recommended

Kindle Wifi - Good Alternative