Payday loan affiliate programs are found all over the web. These are charismatic marketing systems with an interest in increasing their financial base and publisher's incomes that join them. Payday loan programs are alluring for bloggers because the customer base is enormous.  Even writers that are not blogging find a resource for earning more income. Participation in these programs will earn more money online for anyone that joins.

Membership is fairly easy and this product sells itself. Most marketing is effortless making these very attractive for growing any online income. Making an informed decision before joining one is a good idea. This article outlines a number of negative and positive points with several of these business ventures.

These are several companies handling this type of business opportunity as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Examine the reviews before deciding whether to join one or not.

PayDay One

Payday One is one such marketing platform resource with lots of benefits over their competitors. In addition to advantages, disadvantages found with the company are also listed for your scrutiny.


Real time reports for company affiliate’s means they know immediately at any given time what commissions are credited to their account. There is a $25 per customer commission. This means regardless of the loan amount the $25 is still received.

They offer customer support for publishers and earnings pay out monthly.

Cookies for customer credit is better than most similar business ventures. A 60 day cookie life is better than most. Individuals that visit the site and fail to complete the entire process will still get you credit for up to 60 days. On average similar companies have cookies of 30 days. Most people have a payday loan issued within 24 hours of their first contact to the site, but for those that dont-you have up to 60 days to receive the credit. As long as the client returns within 60 days for the service, you will make the commission.

A wonderful addition is the paperwork for a client is 100% faxless. Less paperwork is terrific and will pull in more clients. This makes it more attraction versus industry competitors.

An online app with instant approval is also nice. Persons that complete the process will get loan funds electronically deposited directly into their banking institution the following day.

Referring family and friends to the business will gain you $50 for each new approval. There is no referral limit and each $50 is electronically deposited to a bank account you choose. This payment is separate from the monthly checks received for other affiliate services.


In order to receive a per customer commission a client must fill out and send an application, be approved, have a loan financed and not have been a prior customer with the company. This is the only way you receive your $25 payment.

No check will be issued if commissions for the month total less than $100. Though, monies less than $100 will roll over to the next month until the total accumulated is $100 or more at which point a check goes out.

Most similar competition offers more than one rate of pay. A flat rate or a percentage rate are the usual choices. They offer only one.  There is a difference with a flat commission versus a percentage rate of pay in various situations. Depending on the amount of the loan, you could miss out on big monies.

The $25 sounds great for smaller loans, but for a large one a percentage rate of pay will net up to 10 times the $25 payout or more. Over the long haul this flat rate of pay could really hurt what you earn.

In conclusion

This business has an extremely high approval rating among people who have reviewed them around the web which makes their services alluring for payday loan affiliates. Marketing is easier with a company with a good online reputation. Services and products are easier to promote and sell as well.

With a solid presence in the market and a high visibility Brand, this is a business that will help make more money online with less effort. Though, a percentage rate of pay would really boost their charm.


LeadsMarket is a package that includes a number of benefits. Publishers that sign on with this industry favorite realize they can earn more money from payday loans because the company does something unique.

They automatically connect their publishers with hundreds of buyer leads. The company boasts their email efforts effectively work to make them one of the most successful companies related to cash advances and payday loan packages for income found online today.


High rates of email connections increase client prospects and income with little or no effort manually for marketing. The company bombards thousands of customers with emails for their services.

Publishers have a choice of pay options. There is flat CPL, revenue sharing and tier structure. Three choices for earnings is highly unusual in this industry. Which one you choose makes a difference in what you can make in profits.

Real data is viewable at any time with some of the best tools in the industry for analytics. All publishers install a software program, Optimo, with a self-learning algorithm that optimizes lead distributions to increase the amount of revenues from these leads. Optimo focuses to maximize the personal revenue for every worker using the software.

A dedicated support team with a personal account manager with years of experience is there for you to use. This help is extremely valuable for first timers.

They have fashioned a wonderful website with a terrific layout and is very comfortable to move around to find necessary info. Landing pages created with a design team make the site easy to use and navigation simple.

If you don’t want to use the current website you have with this company, they will design a site for you.


They have focused most of their efforts on making connections with bloggers for company publishers. They specialize in a direct marketing agenda with email for income. Not all bloggers enjoy this type of package for maximizing their blog revenue.

Real time cash advance leads are sent specifically to bloggers. Leads through email marketing is unappealing for those that want to avoid email as an income resource. This could alienate some members of the blog audience they worked so hard to build.

There is a possibility your email listing is transferred to other companies. This means companies that you would like to avoid being affiliated with are not avoidable. Your personal brand is mixed or connected with other companies giving them permission to use it as they see fit when you sign up with this business.

The company uses excessive mobile promotion. This is another form of mass marketing through Smartphones such as text alerts.

In conclusion

There are lots of benefits to working with them because they are one of the larger companies promoting these packages. They use an enormous amount of automation for stimulating marketing. If you are not fond of this type of way to get customers, you will not connect well with the business.

Bloggers with a comfort level of working with an enormous amount of technology versus a personal touch may enjoy this company's agenda more.

Project Pay Day

Even for websites, first impressions are important. This one failed the test. Info is difficult to find and missing important criteria necessary to work with publishers.

Project Pay Day is not an affiliate marketing earner anyone would care to enroll with. The website failed to offer links for connecting with an application or promotion of the package curriculum.

That being said, I will attempt to list some advantages and drawbacks to the business. Benefits were very hard to find.


There are no advantages that are visible for joining this business to earn more money through internet business efforts. Although the company advertises you can work with some entities through this single site, which would be an advantage in a number of cases, there is no easy way to do so without an enrollment sheet or page. Neither of these were found with the company's site.

The company uses an attractive color scheme for the website, but no easy navigation for visitors. A lot of info the average person visiting would like to discover is difficult to find or non-existent. Great to look at, but not very useful.

The material offered was confusing, hard to locate and basic garbage when you discover it. Even enrolling was difficult. Sign up pages were missing and there is no obvious links on the landing page to do so.


There is a lot to be desired with the online presentation for the company. There is a crowded layout to the website making it unattractive in several places while being nice to look at in others. Some of the promotions seem as if the creative staff speak English as a second language.

There is little to no material surrounding the affiliate marketing program found. A landing page advises other pages for the website. However, when clicking on more pages, you go nowhere.

In conclusion

Bypass this particular company in its entirety. Do not bother attempting to make more money online with this one.

Project PayDay Loan

Project PayDay Loan is always searching for new members that will help promote their products for cash advances and payday loans.


No out-of-pocket costs for using this PCC campaign. With no money spent out of your pocket you make more income.

Commissions are $1.50 for each lead. Leads are customers that enter their name and email address. This means you make money without customers actually completing an entire application or being approved for a loan. Little or no work on your part, but you still make earnings.

Depending on how many of these you generate, the pay rate improves from $1.50 to $3, according to the company info. Each Friday of the week commission checks are mailed regardless of the balance. No minimum balance requirements for getting a check is wonderful.

Banners, email productions, endorsements templates, custom landing pages and more promotional materials are supplied to publishers for free.  

You can contact them for support in more than one way. There is an email address for questions and concerns as well as a "contact us" link on the site.


Project PayDay Loan really likes "work at home" websites more than others according to their publisher material. However, if you don’t have a "work at home" type of blog or site, applications will still be accepted. There is no defined penalty for having a blog niche outside of these specific types of themes.

After clicking their application email there is an authentication notification that advises they are outside of the protected mode for security. This is a big disadvantage. The company is possibly tied to malware which is never a good thing.

in conclusion

The earnings are extremely low, but you do not need to find a loan approval to make money. If you are okay with the red flag of being outside of the protection mode for their site, go ahead with this business.

Signing up is simple and easy and the pay is great for little or no work. There is a request for a particular niche of bloggers. Though, whether this somehow affects your income one way or another is not disclosed on the website material.

Wrap it Up

All of these are not created equally for publishers. There are an enormous amount of differences in pay, work you have to do and what they will do for you to help increase your online income.

These are more than a few affiliate payday loan marketing packages to work with increasing online earnings. Bloggers are a specific type of publisher sought out by several of these, but if you do not own a blog there are still opportunities for work. One company will even build a website for you if you do not have one.

Review the material found here and other opinions and viewpoints around the web where you will find people sharing their personal experiences with each of these. Make an informed decision before going forward with one of these programs.

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