There is no color that commands attention like the color red. Often times, after years of choosing safe furniture and paint color, it become startling obvious to a home owner that he or she has composed a boring, lifeless room. Luckily, this is a decorating mistake that can be easily remedied with a splash of color. A red area rug is the easiest way to inject much needed color into dead zone room.

Choosing to decorate a room with a red area rug may seem like overly bold step to remedying a lifeless room, but red is actually one of the best colors a decorator can choose. Red coordinates naturally with practically any color, making it a universal solution to this common problem. Many styles are available from companies like Calvin Klein, Anji Mountain and Home Accents all of which are well respected companies with high quality products. Various shades of red are also available through these companies from bright red to a deep brick red to compliment any existing décor.

Accessories can help blend in this new room addition to make it seem less out of place. The down side is that this might require an additional expense. Perform an internet search on a how to decorate with red and it will show that the application can be both dominating, with main furniture piece also in red, or the application can be subtle with a splash of red on an area red and coordinating throw pillows, wall art, curtains or decorative items like candles or faux floral arrangements.

These rugs are festive and a great addition to room where social gatherings occur. From family rooms to recreational rooms, a red rug can create an ambiance of fun. For high traffic areas, they are great way to prevent obvious wear and tear on light colored carpet.

Wooden floors, which are known for being chilly, quickly radiate warmth when accompanied by a red area rug. They also help draw out the color of the wood making them seem richer. Wool area rugs area a great choice for these rooms as they are known for their durability and warmth.

Regardless of what type of room is lacking in luster, red is the best color to provide warmth, character, color and fun to any room.