Revitol Cream or more precisely Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream (too long for me) is used to prevent and repair stretch marks. The prevention aspect is very important because prevention is much easier to accomplish.

Using a moisturizer that contains Vitamins A and E during pregnancy will help to increase the elasticity of the skin, which in turn reduces the number and size of the stretch marks that you might get. It's not that difficult to prevent stretch marks but it takes a daily routine of moisturizing the skin. Creating a routine early in your pregnancy will work best if you wait until you are too tired to start you will probably not moisturize your growing skin as often as you should.

Once your body starts to grow there is not enough time to get your skin soft and supple enough to withstand the trauma and you will then need to do some repair work after the pregnancy is over. Vitamin D when used topically will help to repair the skin that was scarred by the rapid growth. There are a number of brands available and Revitol Cream is not your only option for repairing stretch marks.

I'd like to repeat once again that it is much easier to reduce or prevent stretch marks then to fade stretch marks so get into a good skin care routine as early as possible. Choose a good moisturizer that contains both Vitamin A and E although most will have additional ingredients those are the ones you want to make sure are used.

Use a stretch mark prevention cream a several times a day unless the manufacturer has a specific recommendation. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. I personally would want to use something that is either very mild or created especially for a pregnant woman because your skin will absorb the lotion. I wouldn't use anything that has a lot of strange ingredients during pregnancy.

Using safe and natural ingredients that work with your body will help both your skin and protect your baby. The health of the baby during pregnancy should be your primary goal with stretch mark prevention running a close second. If you are not sure what you should use consult your doctor for advice.

Finding the right stretch mark cream is the best way to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks and Revitol Cream is one product to consider. Do a little research, read some reviews, and start getting your skin ready to do the grand pregnancy stretching routine and we all know and hate.