Prevent Breast Stretch Marks With Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks with Revitol stretch mark prevention cream. This is the claim made by the Revitol for their Revitol stretchmark cream. It is designed to strengthen skin within two to three weeks of use, to prepare it for abnormal stretching during pregnancy, weight loss and body building. Does this Revitol cream actually prevent these unsightly marks and deliver on its promises to prevent both stomach and breast stretch marks?

This cream is made from a blend of safe, natural ingredients that include vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3, aloe vera extract, grapefruit seed extract, DL-Penthenol and other components.  A similar cream made by Mederma, available on Amazon and featured below, has also received many positive customer reviews.

As the course of the pregnancy progresses - most notably from the second month onwards, the skin on the abdomen begins to expand and distend until it goes way beyond normal levels. The stretching of the skin during pregnancy leaves behind ugly scars commonly referred to as stretchmarks that resemble lines or bands running down the abdomen. Marks on the breasts can also occur while pregnant as the breasts rapidly swell to prepare the mother for breastfeeding.  For some lucky people, the stretchmarks fade away over a period of time, after delivery.  Ethnicity also plays a role as people of certain races experience the problem to greater or lesser degrees.  Age is also a factor as younger skin is more resilient.  However, for many people, getting rid of the marks is difficult to do.  Some try various home remedies and others slather their pregnant bellies with cocoa butter - nearly always with disappointing results.  Fortunately, there are now effective pregnant stretch mark removal products like Revitol that can both prevent the marks from occurring in the first place and are able to help in reducing the appearance of those which may have already occurred.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention CreamBreast Stretch Marks

These unsightly marks on the breasts, as well as those on the thighs and stomach are caused as a result of excessive weight loss or gain in a short period of time and body building, all of which put stresss on the skin beyond normal limits.  They can also occur due to a massive breast augmentation or even a botched breast augmentation.  Creams for the prevention and treatment of this stretching of the skin on the breasts while pregnant are available in abundance on the market. A good product for the treatment of pregnancy stretchmarks will have the necessary ingredients to strengthen the skin, increase normal elasticity of the skin to resist stretching and improve the collagen structure. Revitol claims it's product will do just that and they have had a reputation for success and many positive customer reviews.

The cream is manufactured and distributed by Ultra Herbals L.L.C.  The prevention cream’s active natural ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera help to repair and restore skin. The company recommends that the pregnancy cream be used during the early stages of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from forming and minimize those that have already formed.

Benefits of using Revitol stretch mark prevention cream include:

  • Pregnant women who use the product for a few weeks should experience a lesser degree of breast stretch marks as well as marks on the thighs and stomach
  • The cream makes the skin stronger and more elastic and thus more resilient when stretched.
  • The Revitol cream penetrates deep into the skin and provides a more effective treatment than cocoa butter and other home remedys that are commonly used.
  • Reduction in the appearance of stretchmarks that have already formed
  • Reducing stretch marks after breast implant surgery, breast augmentation or other plastic surgery or a botched breast augmentation
  • Prevent marks from developing on the breasts as well as on the stomach and thighs
  • The stretchmark cream is easy and safe to use and contains natural ingredients beneficial to the skin.
  • Revitol is a far cheaper option than surgery to remove stretchmarks on the breasts and is far more effective than home remedies and traditional products such as cocoa butter.
  • Revitol offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the product if not satisfied with the results.

Revitol stretchmark prevention cream is an all natural product without any offensive odor. It is available in many stores selling beauty products as well as online on sites such as Amazon as pictured below. Application of the Revitol prevention cream is very easy; it needs to be rubbed into the skin of the areas most affected, the thighs, breasts and abdomen on a regular basis.  As with any product, read package directions for complete information.  Mederma cream, also featured below has also received good reviews for it's effectiveness in treating stretch marks.

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