Parking - An Issue?

Are all your cars parked in front of your house? - This is very unappealing to people thinking about buying your home. Many individuals do not use their garage to park their vehicles, so a garage is not necessary to parking your car off the road. Some councils will allow you to drop the curb of the pavement next to your house if you don't have room to add to your driveway; of course planning permission may be necessary. An off-street parking bay can add up to 10 percent to the house price.

Swimming Pool/Tennis Court

Adding a pool may prove to be a bit difficult, and depends on where your house is situated and whether you're adding an indoor or outdoor pool. If you live in colder climes, an indoor pool or one inside a swimming pool building could be more useful and will tempt more buyers. Even if the pool is heated and has a cover on, if the weather is cold potential purchasers know it is rarely going to get any use, therefore you could find a pool is a negative point. A more favourable choice would be a lovely heated indoor pool, perhaps with French doors leading out to a decking area; bring the outdoors inside. A potential buyer wants to have fun, so an attractive, warm pool is going to look inviting. Building a pool, when completed correctly, is going to be something that will add a nice sum of money to the value of your house, about 10 percent.

If you are going one step further for the top end market, look at a tennis court; but remember these type of luxuries only fit in some neighbourhoods. If well-designed and well-maintained, it can add up to 5 to 10 percent in value.

Both of these additions serve as an indulgence that you can offer the viewer. Unluckily these type of items could make the future buyer base a lot smaller. Once you do manage to sell your house, the price it sells for might be more than you ever wished for.

Installing a Waterside Attraction

My years of selling Vancouver MLS listings proved me one theory. A waterside display is likely to hold value. A survey shows that it could add a third to the price of a house. I know many of us wish we had a stream or lake in our property, regrettably few of us do; although there is nothing stopping us building a pond. A pond is simply a small mass of water in which light can permeate all the way to the bottom, in other words, ponds are not very deep. Depending on the size of your yard, you can install a pond which may even have fish and other fixtures in order to make it look aesthetically attractive.

Depth, locations, water source are all things that need looking at when planning your pond, as is avoiding attracting mosquitoes and other bugs if the water doesn't move freely. It's not a straightforward task (best planned with the help of a professional), but pays off considerably when done properly.