In 1989 the communist era was ending, at least for Romanians, because a revolution took place and the president Ceausescu was executed, along with his wife Elena. After decades of communism, the revolution in Romania was meant to set the people free. People were demanding their rights, but they were cheated, because some former communists took advantage of the event and made themselves known, as leaders.

The revolt was of the masses, but some individuals claimed it, took advantage of it, made Romania a republic and started to rule as leaders of a capitalist country. When this happened, most people were misinformed and believed in the new leaders and in 2012, after more than twenty years, another revolt began. This time, capitalism is guilty of similar crimes to the ones made by communists. The truth is that communism isn’t really abolished, because people from the same groups that were communists before 1989 became capitalist leaders.

In twenty years of corruption and poverty, those who pulled the strings have robbed the people, getting the country in a state that demanded a new change. The people have suffered a lot and did not have the courage to stand, until a limit has been reached. There are Romanians who do not agree with the rise of their brothers and they say people in this country are lazy, which is untrue. It is one thing to work for 150 dollars a month, and other to work for 1500 dollars.

The payment level in Romania is very low in comparison to other European countries, around the year 2012. While the price of most products keeps rising, the salaries are growing very slow, almost unnoticeable. The agriculture was destroyed, the mines are no longer working and the country makes imports and borrows money, instead of producing anything. This situation could not continue anymore and people would have to take responsibility. 

In 1989, people were fooled, especially because they had no true means of informing themselves. The communist era was like a dark age, as the president allowed two hours a day of television and there was no Internet. People were being manipulated easily. In time, television has become another method of manipulation, but now the Internet can make the difference. People are more informed and more aware of the false political tactics. They are sick of politicians of all kind and they want their world to be fair.

The future will tell if the revolution in Romania is for the better, because there is no politician that Romanians can fully trust and their patience is at the limit. What remains is the hope for having a true democracy in a country in which, for almost a century now, Romanians were under the pressure of dictatorship, in one way, or another. 2012 could be the year that starts an era of fairness.