How can you rethink the way you are currently working to achieve greater success? Most people waste time, look for the wrong things in job candidates, solve unnecessary problems, and conform to "because it's whate everyone else is doing" thoughts. Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hanson show us otherwise in their book Rework.

Jason and David founded 37 Signals, which creates organizational products for small businesses such as BaseCamp, HighRise and many other tools. Rework provides an inside look at how they run their business by purposely catering to a smaller market by only providing necessary, easy-to-use features, never taking investor dollars, hiring candidates based on their skills & passion, not location, degrees or other resume fluff. 

Be a starter: Jason and David continuously promote just starting things and getting the product out there so customers can tell you what they do and do not like. Don't waste time planning and making estimates. Your estimates will be wrong and based off of guesses, not empirical data.

Don't make excuses: People always say there's not enough time. Well, that can be easily fixed. Don't spend your free time watching tv and trolling Twitter. Also, no need to make a major to-do list and overwhelm yourself. Just little by little set small goals and achieve them

Hire for fit: Hire people who you like, who have complimentary skills, and are responsible enough to work on their own. Then, you won't need to babysit them at work. Do the tough stuff up front.

Resell the byproduct: Your business may not have physical goods to resell, but you do learn things along the way. Jason & David sold their knowledge of how to run a business in the form of a book. That's resellable and valuable. 

The point is, things aren't as difficult as people make it seem. Just go out there and do it. It's that simple. This book itself is highly regarded and praised by the likes of Seth Godin and Mark Cuban, yet it's short, easy-t0-read and gets straight to the point. No need to beat around an idea. Just spit it out. 

I highly recommend reading this book, whether you run your own business or not. It's quick, entertaining, and easy to reference. 


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