Rework your professional life with Jason Fried's and David Heinemeier Hansson's great business book

Endless meetings, office politics, and enough bureaucratic red tape to make a White House staffer proud. Some may think these things are an unfortunate and inescapable reality of doing business and having a job. 

To the rescue comes Rework, a great business book written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Their short text shows you why the drudgeries of the corporate/government/educational industries (a.k.a. most any job out there) are actually toxic for employee productivity, morale, customer service, and ultimately the business’s bottom line.

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Rework is unlike many other business books out there in that it doesn’t dish out conventional advice using corporate buzz words and business world lingo. Rather, Fried and Hansson speak conversationally throughout the book, injecting humor consistently throughout their typically one-page long “chapters.” The pages are sprinkled liberally with cartoonish illustrations, wide margins, and more spacing between lines than most business book readers will be used to. All throughout, you feel as if you’re talking business over coffee with the authors rather than plowing through some dense, technical text.


Don’t take the authors’ casual writing styles as meaning they have nothing worthwhile to say, however. Fried and Hansson surprise you at every page with a provocative and counterintuitive gem of business advice. Among these are their recommendations on where to look for great employees (hint: don’t start combing the list of Harvard Business School graduates), why small businesses should imitate drug dealers, why workaholics are actually toxic to your organization, and how focusing on doing less with your product or service can actually help your business to flourish.

Fried and Hansson are not self-proclaimed and well-publicized financial gurus like several others in the business book-writing industry. Instead, they are highly successful entrepreneurs who founded the software company 37signals, a company serving millions worldwide and so good at what it does as to earn the endorsement and investment of’s CEO Jeff Bezos. Fried and Hansson have succeeded at business by following their own advice, thus lending their book enormous amounts of credibility.

Given Rework’s focus on maintaining agility, adaptability, and enthusiasm in your company, this book is particularly relevant for small business owners or those thinking about someday creating their own enterprise. Fried and Hansson’s great business book teaches all existing and aspiring entrepreneurs how to make good money not by adopting the bloated bureaucratic management models so common in the corporate and government worlds, but rather by creating a solid, simple product that you’re passionate about.