Why should you choose Rex rabbits as your pet? In this articles there are several reasons why the Rex rabbits  are so in demand and what makes them a good choice. Plus there are also some consideration about the necessary housing equipments for raising them indoor.

One of the popular bunnies breeds is Rex that typically comes in standard or small sizes (miniature Rex rabbits). There are several breeds of bunnies, and their type is something that you should consider before deciding to have them as your pet.

The average Rex rabbits weigh around 8 lbs., whereas the smaller ones weigh approximately 4 lbs.

Rex rabbits are easy to raise, plus this type make outstanding mothers and are famous for their smooth, velvety feeling fur, thus making their type the most desired breed. In addition, they are extremely popular among kids.

Rex Rabbits Cages

Naturally, Rex rabbits or Netherland Dwarf rabbits (or any breed of rabbit, for that matter) want to move without restraint, but keeping them inside your home and let them run in all directions liberally will certainly make your home filthy. Apart from that, it can be unsafe for your pet, too. And for this reason, comfortable and spacious indoor cages should be taken into consideration.

If you are in search of indoor bunny cages for your Rex rabbits, one thing to consider is the size of your home because this is where your pet’s shelter will be placed. Moreover, the size of the cage must be 3x bigger than your pet since it will frequently spend his time in it. Additionally, pens for Rex rabbits and other types of breed must have appropriate ventilation.

Indoor Bunny Cages - Find the Best Hutch for Your RabbitCredit: Amazon

Multi-floor indoor cages with ramps that connect the levels for additional space are great for your Rex rabbits.  With such pens, your pet will be able to move inside and all over it with ease. (Update: The "Super Pet Welcome Home Rabbit Hutch, Large, Green" in the image before is right now on sale on Amazon at  almost half price!)

A pen made of wires and woods combined offers a healthy and comfy living to your precious pet. Also, it would be best to select a  bunny hutch that has sliding doors as it will make your pet come in and out of its cage without any hassle. And of course, you need to be cautious about the rabbit cage opening as well as its edges; it must be covered very well to keep your Rex rabbits from getting harmed.