Rhoades Car

Many people say that the Rhoades cars Bikes are simply gimmicks. They feel that the Rhoades Cars Bikes are not able to be used in real world conditions.

These people believe that the Rhoades Cars are not suitable for real world riding conditions. Hills can be real a real bugger to ride up, if at all possible. The heavy weight of the Rhoades Car compared to the design can make it a real workout to ride across town.

The people that are against Rhoades Cars have some valid pints, but for the lovers of Rhoades Cars they know that the Rhoades Cars are designed not for the Tour De France but instead are simple designed as a fun bike to ride.

I met a local guy here in Twin Falls and he allowed me to snap a few pictures of his Rhoades Car. He did not want to be identified but told me how he rides his Rhoades Car around town year round. In fact he has even ridden his Rhoades Car to Shoshone and back! According to Google maps that is 26.2 miles there. He rode the distance of a marathon in his Rhodes Car and then another on his way back!

If you are considering a fun bike for the family then take a look at the various bikes that Rhoades Cars offers.

This guy swears by his Rhoades Car and I could tell how passionate he was with it. It was an older model and it had many miles on it but it was still holding up real well for him.

He will ride in some of the parades in our area such as the Jerome County Fair Parade. If you see him ask his opinion on Rhoades Cars. It is sure to be a positive one.

The Rhoades Cars bicycles are not for everyone. Generally a Rhoades Car owner buys one of their car styled bicycles simply for the fun factor, but there is a segment of our society that has found the Rhodes Cars to be a life saver for them. A Rhoades Car allows these people to navigate society on their own, and the independence received is priceless.