What is Rhodiola Rosea?

Herbal adaptogens are gaining more and more popularity, thanks to their ability to help the body and mind adapt in times of stress. Of the known adaptogens, one stands out from them all. Rhodiola Rosea is a plant that grows in extremely cold environments, most notably near the Arctic. It has been used for centuries by peoples in theses areas. Most notably, the vikings would take it before embarking on long travels and before going into battle. Recently, this miraculous herb has become available for study in the West.

Many clinical studies have been done on rhodiola rosea, showing that it is truly deserving of the name "super herb." At first, the studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of rhodiola rosea on athletic performance. The results of the studies have been unanimous and conclusive: rhodiola enables people to perform at higher levels of intensity for much longer periods of time, without overtraining.

But perhaps more importantly, the plant was seen to have much more effect outside the realm of training. Rhodiola rosea has been consistenly shown to alleviate depression and improve mood in almost every person who takes it. In addition, it improves mental performance and sharpness, and increases energy levels. Some even claim that rhodiola rosea can help the body combat disease and sickness.

How Can I Choose a Quality Rhodiola Supplement?

Based on the research and testimonials, it's definitely worth giving rhodiola a try. The herb is available in capsule form and as a tincture, though the capsule is more widely available. Be wary, however, of the brand you choose. The active ingredient in rhodiola rosea is a group of compounds called rosavins. The highest quality supplement will have the highest percentage of rosavins. To determine the rosavin content, look at the label and multiply the amount of total herb by the percentage of rosavins.

How Should I Take Rhodiola Rosea?

People are not disappointed with this herb. It makes you feel great and gives you tons of energy. Most importantly, it is completely safe. Once you find a quality brand (Looking online is recommended; you will find much more variety at cheaper prices), begin by taking one capsule in the morning. If, after a few days, you feel like you need more, another capsule may be added around noon. It is not recommended taking rhodiola late in the afternoon, as some users have reported an interference in sleep.

According to those who have supplemented with rhodiola rosea, you should expect to see a noticeable improvement in energy and cognitive function within a day or two. After a week, expect to see a difference in how your body feels - you should feel more healthy and athletic. The effects of rhodiola do dissipate with time; most people advise taking it in a cycle: three weeks on, one week off.