Ribbon hair bow instructions

Adding some interest to a hair style is simple with ribbons for hair. For example, a gold hued material with a Greek-style pattern to it is a great choice because it adds interest without being overwhelming. The gold color allows you to match to any style or color scheme you are wearing. You can make your own ribbons for hair by using material from any fabric store, which usually sell cheap ribbon by the yard.  Make sure you select a quality, attractive piece as it will be the centerpiece for your hair. Here's how to use the material to make a headband. If you are creative, you can add a big bow as well.

Trimming the Material

Trim ribbon to the appropriate length with sharp scissors. Old scissors will fray the material - you want a clean cut. The simplest way to decide how long you need your ribbon is to hold the ribbon in place around your head where you will place it later and then add another foot of length so you have enough ribbon to create a bow when you are finished.

Putting the Ribbon on Your Head

Part your locks to one side, or down the center, depending on your preference. Begin with hair parted smoothly so it is under better control, and smoothed neatly down. This helps keep your locks from becoming unruly throughout your day.

Lay the hair ribbon  down along the bottom of your hairline between one half to one and one half inches from your hairline. The ribbon’s distance from your hairline depends on your own personal preference. Make sure, when laying down the material that it is not twisted or bunched up.

Hold both ends of the material in one hand over your head and tie into a traditional bow. Double knot it for extra security. A single knot will not hold for long. You can have the bow at the top of your head to accent your hairstyle or move it under your locks at the back of the neck to give a clean, simple look.

Making and Using Ribbons for Hair: Additional Tips

If your hair is long, tie it into a ponytail after you have parted it. This will make it easier for you to tie a bow with the material underneath your locks.

If you find that ribbons for hair slip too much in your locks, use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to secure the material. Pin the ribbon in place just above your ears.

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