When rice chemotherapy is used it is designed using three specific drugs that are used in combination to fight cancer. The medications that are used in this approach to cancer treatment are Ifosfamide, Carboplatin, and Etoposide used in combination with the antibodies rituximab.

This treatment is very similar to the ICE chemotherapy treatment. It is the addition of the rituximab antibodies that enhance the effectiveness of the other drugs. This antibody is one of the most successful cancer fighting drugs that has been used with cancer patients. The reason that this drug is so successful is that it is capable of attacking the cancer cells without destroying the other cells in the body. This is the problem that a great many of the cancer drugs have. They will attack the healthy normal cells right along with the cancer cells, which is why there are so many side effects of chemotherapy. Rice chemotherapy is a way of treating the patient without causing as many side effects.

The doctor will have to perform a blood test before you begin this treatment plan. The health of your kidneys will need to be determined before you are able to withstand rice chemotherapy. It is usually used in the treatment of lymphoma.

The treatment can cause some nausea and vomiting so you might be given some anti nausea medication while you are receiving this type of treatment. It is necessary that you keep up your strength while you are fighting the effects of cancer in your body. Nausea and vomiting can cause some problems when you are trying to fight off cancer. Your body will not be nourished properly if you are vomiting and not eating because of nausea. There are some things that you can do to minimize the effect of nausea on your well-being.

Make certain that you stick with foods that are dry and do not cause as much of a reaction as heavier and oil laden foods. Also, be sure that you are getting plenty of fluids if you are vomiting. You can lose a great deal of your body's fluids through vomiting and it is very important that you replace those fluids.

Rice chemotherapy can be a very effective cancer treatment, but it is equally important that you do everything in your power to be as healthy as you can be while you are receiving treatment. Eat a well balanced diet, try to get as much rest as possible and pay attention to everything that your doctor tells you. You are an advocate for your own health as much as the team that is working on your chemotherapy plan. Do your part to fight off the cancer that is in your body and make sure that you have a good team working on your treatment plan in the hospital.