RCF - A Disturbing Societal Trend

Although RCF is relatively rare, the number of individuals afflicted with this alarming phenomenon has seen a slow and steady rise in recent years.  The condition manifests itself in several ways, however it predominantly features uncontrollable urges to think, talk about, buy and yes, even use, rice cookers. Whereas an ordinary individual who comes into contact with, and begins using rice cookers is able to control their desires and either completely abstain or at least maintain their rice cooker usage within societal norms, those unfortunate enough to succumb to RCF are literally unable to exercise restraint.  Although the addiction may appear innocent enough in the initial stages, eventually the individual plunges into a downward spiral from which they cannot recover.

5 Signs of Addiction

Below are signal indicators that may be used to determine if a person may be suffering from RCF:

1. Individual owns multiple rice cookers.  Oftentimes afflicted individuals not only own multiple cookers but actually switch their usage back and forth among the different models attempting to gain an advantage by leveraging the perceived performance differences to gain a better user 'experience'.

2. In conversations, even with casual acquaintances, users frequently spontaneously bring up topics designed to focus on their subconscious or, in later stages, conscious desires. 

3. The addicted individuals’ diet and eating habits slowly change and they often ingest items prepared in their cookers several times a week.  In extreme cases this can occur on a daily basis.  They will often begin to seek out, or even develop their own, rice cooker recipes.

4. Those with RCF typically begin to develop increasingly close relationships with other users.  Often these interactions can lead to what has been termed ‘the recipe exchange’.

5. Many users exhibit a messianic zeal for converting others, promoting rice cookers, writing rice cooker reviews, etc.

These indicators, while far from being a complete list, cover most of the signs of addiction typically found in a majority of users according to research reports. If you have a loved one who exhibits one or more of these signs, there is cause for serious concern. When three or more of the signal indicators are present, the individual is almost certainly addicted and would most likely be categorized as having RCF.

RCF Treatment Options

The www.ricecookerfetish.com site offers information to those who suffer from RCF.  Although the site does actually aid users in the aforementioned ‘recipe exchange’ there are future plans for them to develop a support group as well as ongoing therapy.

Rice Cooker FetishUnfortunately, all research studies to date have concluded that once a person has developed RCF, the condition appears to be irreversible. The best that can be hoped for in these situations is that the user can learn to manage their addiction enough to still properly function in society. Oddly enough, one of the best ways this can be done seems to be to associate with other users.  Although this treatment seems counterintuitive it helps to reduce interaction with others in society at large who remain unaffected thus limiting, to some degree, the spread of RCF.

Confronting Addiction