Finding Guaranteed Money For College

You can fund your college education with donations from rich people and people who may be willing to help you in your community.  In 2012, paying for college continues to be a major challenge for many college students.  However, there are things that you can do to help offset the cost of getting a college education.  There are plenty of grants that you can apply for and grants set up by rich people to help students pay for their education.


Where Can I Find Grant From Rich People To Help Pay For College?

The first place you should stop when looking for grants from rich people to help you pay for college is your public library.  The local library may be helpful, however, you should go to the main library in your city or town where there is a lot more information available to you about grants and scholarships from rich folks, foundations, organizations and so forth to help you pay for school.  This is perhaps your best source of information, even more important that what you can find on the world wide web.  At your local library, you can also get personal attention from the library staff who will help you find what you are looking for.  You will also have a list of scholarships and grants that are only available in your city or town for people who want to attend college.


What About Celebrities Who Give Away Money To The Poor For School?

Sure, there are a lot of celebrities who give away money to help you get a college education, however, those celebrities and rich people usually give money to local charities and institutions that are set up to receive money in order to distribute those resources to help individuals.  Chances of you writing Oprah to get money for you to attend college are slim to none.  Think about how many people are writing Oprah or Bill Gates to help them pay for school.  You would be one of millions, and what are the chances of your letters getting read.  People like Oprah and Bill Gates give their money to foundations and charities such as those established by "The Giving Pledge" to help people like you get the money you need to go to school.


Try Asking Local Rich People And Businesses For Help Paying For College

When looking for rich people to help you pay for college, as stated above, your first stop should be the library.  Your next stop should be local businesses and philanthropic organizations in your local area. Make a list of all the businesses in your area (yes, it may be a lot), however, if you send them a letter about your situation and that you need help paying for college, they may just be willing to help a local college student hopeful.  Sit down and craft your request for financial aid, being very specific about your needs.  Send them to local businesses including doctors offices, law firms, radio stations, etc.  Let them know that you are willing to volunteer your time to help their businesses for any donations they can put towards your college education.  Be prepared to meet with those who request your presence before they give you any money.  Treat it like you would a regular job interview.

There is money out there and a lot of it is right in your local city, state, community.  It may take some time, and a lot of stamps but eventually you could collect enough money to help you pay for 4 years of college.


If All Else Fails With Getting Rich People To Help Me Pay For College?

Then you should look into getting your parents to cosign a loan for you or you can look into getting a no cosigner student loan to help you get through college.  You may also have to work harder or even try to see if you can move and attend a college that offers free courses.