Every year teenagers prepare for the prom with much excitement and anticipation. Getting an invitation when your not a junior or a senior makes this adventure even better. Just think if you could ride in a limousine to the prom, how great that would be. You would be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Riding to the prom in a limousine is not out of the question if you do it right. If you go with a party of people, then you can pull this off for a memorable night that you will never forget.

Most of the fun surrounding the prom is getting ask, wearing something killer, getting picked up, going out to dinner, making an entrance, and the pictures. It is a night that you get to shine. Some teens show up in a limousine and you want to be included in the ride. You know how it feels when you pass one coming through town. Everybody always looks and wonders who is behind that tinted glass. This year it could be you. It is one of the few times in life that you will have the opportunity to ride in a limousine, so why not splurge.

Pricing Your Limosine

If you think that taking a limousine to the prom is out of your price range, you are probably right. If you have a lot of friend attending the prom and will split the cost, then this is a much more affordable adventure than you think. You can pay by the hour with most limousine services, or you can get a package deal. You and your friends can split the cost which will probably be cheaper than your attire. You can get a stretch limousine for as low as $20 per person per hour for a party of 8 or less, or you can get a stretch hummer for as low as $10 per hour for a party of 15 or more. Now you are starting to get the picture.

Limousine Prom Tips

Do you want your friends to think that this is not your first limo experience? Here is the information that you need to be armed with to look like you have done this before. Knowing what to expect is vital for a wonderful chauffeured experience, so lets get the 101 on limo expectations.

Don’t Always Go For the Cheapest Limousine - You might get a great price, but you could be losing out on the experience of a newer vehicle and excellent service. Go to different sight and check out reviews. This is the best way to learn.

Prepare early - Find out who will be riding and splitting the cost. No the details of your night such as how many hours you will be using the service and what are all of your destinations. Make sure that you know all hidden cost. Collect the money from everyone and book at least 2 to 3 months ahead of time. Check with service a week before the event.

Prepare for the Ride - If you or any of your guest are wearing big poofy dresses, then make sure there are at least two empty seats to accommodate their attire. Some limos have iPod docking stations, but if not, make your mix tape on a CD for the music that you want to hear while riding. This is your night and you are paying for a service just like anyone else, so expect the best.

Know the Rules - One responsible party will have to collect the money to pay the person that pays up front with their debit card. That person will ultimately be responsible for any damages incurred by you or your friend. Know the rules about smoking or illegal substances in the vehicle before you enter. It is your responsibility to make sure that the other riders know these rules too.

Tip the Driver - It is customary to tip the limo driver. If you want excellent service in life, then now is the time to learn the art of tipping. Drivers usually receive 18 - 20% of the total price, so don’t forget about these people.

Here What You Can Expect When Looking Inside a Limousine

This will be the night to remember for you and your friend, so make this prom one to remember.  Renting a limousine is not that difficult if you can get a few of your friends to chip in and go along for the ride.  Look around at different limousine services and ask to see pictures or videos of their limos inside and out.  Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable service and that they have the necessary insurance and the driver's license is creditable.  I hope that you have a great 2011 prom.