There are many rules and laws of the government that American citizens are forced to follow.  Some of them are truly ridiculous.  There are many suggestions of laws that they are trying to pass in order to help the safety of the citizens.  Some of these suggestions are unbelievable and hopefully are not passed.

Ban Texting While Walking: You think America is a free country? Ha!  Not anymore it isn’t.  When they are trying to ban texting while walking you know that your country is in serious trouble.  A lawmaker in Las Vegas is trying to make it illegal for pedestrians to cross the street while texting or reading a message on their cell phone because too many people have been hit because they are not paying attention to traffic.  This is just called stupidity.  You were taught how to look both ways before you cross the street many times as a kid.  What makes you think that this wouldn't apply to you as you get older?

Gardens: Why the government wants to ban the right of their citizens to grow their own gardens is beyond me.  It is just another way to control the American people.  If they ban gardens in every state, the government is pretty much forcing us to eat junk food filled with chemicals and pesticides, making our society even more obese and unhealthy.  This is an absolutely ridiculous law that they want to put in effect.

Banning Guns: This is a really popular issue right now.  The government wants to pass a law that bans 150 types of guns in every state.  People who are pushing the gun ban obviously have not done their own research.  This is a ridiculous law that the government wants to ban.

 Unlocking Smart Phones: You will be shocked once you finish reading this point.  Are you thinking this will never happen and it will never be illegal to unlock smart phones?  Think again.  In January 2013, this law was passed which made it illegal to unlock smart phones to use on other carriers.  That’s right, even if you already own the phone, it is still illegal.  For an example, U.S. Cellular does not offer iPhones, but there are other carriers that do.  There are ways to unlock iPhones to make it available on U.S. Cellular with some tricks that a tech guy would know.  They have now stated that you could get a $500,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

Smoking in Your Backyard: A small town in California, called Rocklin wants to ban smoking in your own backyard.  They actually want to ban smoking outside in general.  This means that you would only be able to smoke in your home since most states and cities have banned indoor smoking in public.  How ridiculous would this be if it is actually passed?  Even the lower part of the government is getting out of control with these laws.

Illegal to Collect Rain Water: There are many states that want to make it illegal to collect rain water to water their garden.  There are a few states that have actually banned doing this.  It is your own property and the rain water is only going to go one other place, in the ground.  Why would the government care what happens to rain water!  It isn’t like it is city water.  This is definitely controlling.

Natural Cancer Cures: They want to make it illegal to sell any type of natural cancer cures in America, even if they are proven to work.  Does the government just want people to die from this terrible disease?

Recycle Cat Litter: Many states want you to recycle cat litter.  Fortunately not everyone has come to the stand where it has become illegal if you don’t, yet.  That is everyone except Washington D.C.  In Washington D.C. this law has already passed.  If you do not recycle your cat litter it is illegal and there will be consequences.

Deface Milk Cartons: Remember as kids how you used to color on milk cartons and make art projects with them at school?  Now it is illegal to deface a milk carton in Massachusetts.  This is another ridiculous law that has already passed!

Lemonade Stands: There are many lemonade stands being shut down all over the country by kids who just want to make a few bucks during the summer.  The government is seeing this as illegal if these kids do not have a permit.  Long ago, you would see lemonade stands every few miles on the street with many kids trying to make a few bucks.  Now it has become illegal.  What kind of sad country is this turning into?

Banning Plastic Utensils: I am sure you have heard it on the news, kids have been getting suspended for bringing “weapons” to school.  These weapons consist of butter knives and other utensils to cut their food with.  It has become illegal in Florida to bring a plastic butter knife to school and many other states want to make it illegal as well.  I guess the only choices these kids have is to eat with their fingers or cut their lunch at home.  This is just another ridiculous law that has been passed in America.

Business License to Blog: Many people have been making their income by blogging.  It is the new way to make some money online while you are doing what you love.  Unfortunately, people in Pennsylvania cannot do this without a business license.  It is illegal to blog and make money off of it unless you spend $300 on a business license.  Talk about a ridiculous law.

Some of these laws that the American government wants to pass is absolutely ridiculous.  It is up to us as American citizens to put a stop to all of this before things start to happen.  We are being controlled by a big government who thinks they have the right to control the people.  It seems as though everything is illegal and if it isn’t illegal yet, they want to make it become illegal.