Dumb Laws You Could Still Get Fined For

Everyone likes to think that they are a law-abiding citizen and for the most part people are; but there are some laws in the books that you could break and not even think that you have done anything wrong (because you have not). Here are some of the laws you could be breaking if you live in some parts of the United States.

Sex Toys

Some states regulate sex toys but court decisions have struck down some of those laws as they interfere with your right to privacy. Still some of those laws have survived. In Arizona it is illegal to have more than two dildo type sex toys, because, why would you need more than two you pervert? In Alabama a law called the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act banned the sale of sex toys, and for now it remains the only state with a law that prohibits the sale of such items. That law was upheld in a federal appeals court, and the Alabama Supreme Court.

Can’t Wear What?

Wearing Pants? Quickly Get Her Before She Hurts NobodyCredit: Sean Murphy

So you have heard of laws prohibiting nudity in public, but did you know that in Tucson AZ if you are a woman, then it is against the law for you to wear pants? The law is not enforced, but it is still in the books so technically if you are a woman and you wear pants you could be in trouble with the law. In St. Croix Wisconsin you can wear pants ladies, but they better not be red as the law says women cannot wear anything red. In Norfolk Virginia after sundown get your corsets on ladies and do not forget your male chaperone. In Myrtle Creek Oregon if you bathe you need to cover yourself from neck to knee which is "appropriate clothing". In North Dakota if you are dancing or at a place where people dance you better leave your hat at home as the law actually says you can go to jail for wearing it at an event where dancing is taking place.

The Grinch That Stole Late January

It's January 16th You MonsterCredit: MicroWorks

So you have not really kept up with the removal of Christmas and holiday decorations, well if you live in Maine then you are just looking for trouble as it is against the law to have your decorations after the 14th of January. In San Diego the same law applies, but they give you until February (hey you can always say those are your Valentine’s Day decorations) or face a $250 fine. In Guilford, CT you better not get too creative with Christmas lights as only white ones are allowed. In South Carolina you are not allowed to work on Sundays according to Title 53, Chapter 1 Section 53-1-40, but the law is just not enforced.


Arrest Them, They Are Having Too Much FunCredit: Digital Vision

“Don’t drink and drive” is a good idea, but there are a few laws out there that have to do with drinking that are just not very convincing. In North Dakota you cannot order a beer and a pretzel because the combination cannot be served at restaurants or bars. If you visit Las Vegas do not buy everyone a round of drinks as the law frowns upon it in the state of Nevada if you buy more than 3 people drinks. Drinking age is usually 21, but at Furman University in SC the drinking age is 60 (well why go to college at all then?). Finally in Columbia, Missouri you cannot drink between 2 AM and 6 AM… but after 6 AM party on.