Riding the Greyhound bus lines is typically the cheapest way of transportation. Grey hound has been around for around 50 years and have been running routes though out the United States. Grey Hounds home office is currently in the city of Dallas TX. When you take the first trip on Greyhound you may be " what the heck did I get my self into" Take my advice to heart, Greyhound can be the most interesting ride you will ever take. Bellow are the tips that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Arrive early.

Arriving early will always be in your favor. Grey hound is known as the lower class mode of transportation, but it has a lot of good quality to. Arriving early will leave you time to stand in line and get your ticket. If you can get a refundable ticket I would, because though out your route there may be places you may want to visit. One of the biggest reasons for arriving early is to be able to find out where your stops will be located and how long the lay over will be. Take the extra time in the beginning to pick up a 12 pack of soda and a big bag of chips. You will be on a crowed bus for a long period of time with no options for food. Use the restroom before you leave also because the bathroom on the bus is not the best. Smokers need to chain smoke because average ride between stops are 1-2 hours.

Pack for the ride.

The average Greyhound bus will be crowed and hot. There is no mode of entertainment if you are traveling outside the northeast. The buses traveling from New England to NYC tend to be the best buses and also the newest too. I recommend packing an mp3 player and or a laptop. Busses in the city also have Wi-Fi and you can connect to their internal charger and not battle for a plug at the stops. Also if you are going across country plan to be on a bus for more then 3 days. Pack some hand held toiletries, so when you get to a stop you can clean your self a little. As I have said before packing a little food for the trip can be beneficial, and you could also make a few bucks. On average a 20 oz soda will run you around 2.25 at a bus stop.

Stops and lay over.

You will be encountering many lay overs and stops along the way. Most stops will be in the ghetto so please do not wonder off. In St. Louis even I would not leave the station. Most Greyhound bus stations will be packed and crowed. You will have an option to buy food at over priced cafes in the stations or use the vending machines. If you are in New York City you are only 2 blocks from time square. This is the only stop I would recommend taking a walk around and site seeing if you have any time. Please make sure you keep your entire luggage on you at all time. People tend to hang around the bus station and try to steal anything they can. Also a tip: Do not give away your cigarettes. You will be swarmed by many of people asking for a butt. Accept the possibility that you may have to have a lay over over night in certain stops. You will be packed in a crowed bus station and trying to find a spot to lie down will be nearly impossible. Use your luggage as a pillow and lay down in a corner if you can. Make sure you keep your ticket on you and not in your luggage. Wrapping your bags around your ankle will be beneficial because you will feel people trying to take something. Make sure you are the one of the first in line for the returning on the bus. Most people will keep their seats they have been on. Take advantage of the back seat. The rear seat has 3 seat compared to the original two provided.

Ending Tips.

With these tips even you can be a seasoned traveler on Greyhound. Remember that with continued diligence you wont be a target fore a scam artist or a robber. Please be patient with the bus drivers and ticket agents. Many people have yelled them at all day, and if they sound mean they are only tired. Most of all listen to the Bus Driver. He knows the bus stations better then most and knows where to go and where not to go. Enjoy your ride on Greyhound and have fun. Remember that the tree week advance can make tickets a lot more reasonable. If you buy a ticket from Bangor Maine to Las Vegas it will be only $100 dollars for one way.