The Original Ducks of Wisconsin Dells has been giving travelers rides on land and water for 70 years now.  Of course you are probably aware that Wisconsin Dells is the water park capital of the world, but did you know there are many tourist attractions in the area?  Leave the water park for the day and venture out into the amazing downtown area where there is plenty more to see and do.

Take a ride on the Original Ducks where a tour guide will give you and up to 19 other people a great ride and some interesting information about the area.  The thrill of riding the ducks is a blast as you will go up and down the hills and splash into the water.  There is a chance you may get wet so make sure you don't bring anything fragile or expensive on the ride just in case.  It will probably stay safe, but you wouldn't want to take any chances.  Depending on who your driver is they could take you fast or slow into the water.  Usually the tour guide will ask the passenger what they prefer.

beautiful lake while riding the ducks

The history you will learn while riding the Ducks is absolutely phenomenal.  While the cost is a little pricey at almost $27 a piece, it is definitely an opportunity you will want to check out at some point in your life.  Of course if you bring a group of people you can expect to get a group discount.  Make sure if you do bring a large group that you call ahead so they can reserve a vehicle so your entire group can sit together. The ride is great for babies up to older adults.  The ride is just over an hour long, but surprisingly kids do wonderful while they are aboard.  Kids tend to be amazed with the nature around them.  They do have life jackets for each of the passengers just in case of an emergency.  The vehicle takes you through the woods on numerous trails for you to enjoy and get a glimpse of nature.  While on the ride you may be lucky enough to spot a deer or other wildlife.  People have been known to spot moose up there while deep in the woods.  You are allowed to bring your camera on the trip, so don't forget to bring that so you can snap some superb pictures while aboard.

There is another attraction similar to The Original Ducks but they are called The Army Ducks, which is a much different tour.  The cost of that one is also a little bit more.

It is pretty amazing that this boat can float in the water and also act as a vehicle as well since the wheels do pop out.  This is such a neat attraction because it may have been something your parents or even your grandparents have done as a child. Check out The Original Duck ride in Wisconsin Dells!  You won't be disapointed.