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When did you decide to be a writer? was it in second grade? or fifth, or after college? We can all probably remember when we first decided to try to make a living in this career.

For me it came along with financial hardship out of necessity. I guess the question is irrelevant; you're here now and whether or not you're making a living writing, you're giving it a shot. So why not give it your all? Let the world know you're here.

The most important part of getting your work out there, is getting your work out there. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most challenging parts of writing. Everyone has most likely written something they believe deserves to be published. Something they have observed and written about that they believe others would enjoy reading. What makes you a writer isn't just writing. If no one gets to read your work, then it's not writing, it's just a note to yourself. No one ever made dollar one from notes to themselves.

So now you're a writer and you want to make some money. Where does one start? The answer to this will depend on what your writing. If you're writing a novel, then you want to submit your manuscript directly to publishing companies that are easily found on the Internet. If your stuff is good, then you'll receive a rapid reply. If you don't receive a reply, then you need to keep submitting. Even a negative response may come with some free advice on why your work was rejected. Also, submit to several agencies at a time, as this will increase your chances of selling some work.

If you are an article writer like myself, and you have some good stuff, you could start right here on this site. Submit your article and see the response. If it's positive and you get comments and people contact you through the link this site supplies, well there you go it was that easy. If not, ask why. Your question will be answered quickly, just because every one's a critic.

Short stories are a great way to break into the literary market. Especially if you have to work a day job and your writing time is limited like so many of us. Article rewriting and product reviews might be up your ally. Whatever the path you choose, make sure you're getting your great stories out there. Your valuable insight on the subject you're best at is in demand. People want to know. Online article publishing sites are a great place to start. Another is This site will send you writing assignments to bid on and even let you have a trial membership for free.

Once you've found your niche and you know what you enjoy writing, as well as what you believe you'll be successful at, fine tune that talent every day. Master the ingenuity and insight you have in that area. If you're going to make this your full time job, you had better be sure to make it one you enjoy.

When you get to the point where you've made a few bucks and you keep getting more work. Your net worth is starting to increase, you're getting more and more, for each piece of work you sell.

When you get to the point where you're making a living as a writer, I invite you to comment on this article with your excursions, be they great successes, or utter failures Id just like to know that I'm not the only dreamer out here trying.