Riedell R3 Skates

Riedell R3 Roller Derby Skates

Roller skating used to be something that is enjoyed by kids inside the rinks as a past time, where in you would also see some who would do some stunts or exhibitions on disco inspired themes, as these are quite known in the 1980s. Nowadays, people are more interested in either rollerblading or ice skating, but there are also those who have developed the love for roller skating. However, since the interest for roller skating is not very common there are those people in the business of contact sports that developed roller derby. Roller derby was established in the 1930s but gained popularity in 1940, today the sport is played by women and they have always been concerned with having comfortable roller skates that would pave the way to victory and that was the main reason why Riedell R3 roller skates was made.

Riedell has been an industry leader in making top quality skates, and their roller skates are worn, tested and designed by people who are particular with skates such as Jamskaters all over the country and the Riedell R3 roller skates enforces this promise.

The Riedell R3 combines performance and great value which is why they have been popular among roller derby players as the skate of choice. The Riedell R3 boots are made with the highest precision to insure that it would be fitting and comfortable for its users, the plate is PowerDyne, made durable to last the intensity of the games. These are also lightweight and will not hamper or drag you while you are skating which will be very useful. The Riedell R3 has wheels that are Radar Cayman which is built for speed and accuracy, plus they will be able to withstand pressure making it last longer than the average roller skates. Maneuvering the Riedell R3 will not be a problem as well because the speed groove technology makes it easier to move in any direction in an instant without affecting the skater’s momentum.

If you are just a rookie in roller derby then the Riedell R3 will be something that you can invest into, the wheels and the plates are definitely of high quality and can be upgraded and the boots are one of the most comfortable ones available in the market, if you would still have issues with it then try using toe guards. These boots are padded along the ankle which would enable users to optimize their skating prowess, one just has to make sure that the roller skates are of the right size and it will definitely be like a walk in the park. A lot of people are not exactly fond of roller skating because the roller skates they rent at the shops are not very comfortable to wear and makes practice seemed like a really awful experience especially to their toes, but this will not happen with Riedell roller skates. And the best of all is that the Riedell R3 is affordable, even with the quality of this product and purchasing one will definitely be a sweet deal.
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