When looking to purchase a pair of Speed Skates Riedell is the brand of choice for many roller skating enthusiasts. Riedell offers a wide range of quality speed skates. Riedell speed skates typically only go up to mens size 14 but you can order a custom pair of Riedell roller skates if you wear a larger size.

Riedell Cobalt Speed SkatesRiedell offers many types of roller skates including Jam skates, roller derby skates, speed skates, rhythm and dance skates as well as outdoor roller skates. Riedell is a popular choice for speed skates and if you wear a size 14 or smaller then many roller skaters believe that Riedell is the only brand for the serious roller skater.

Riedell has boots available in many variations that you can use to make your own speed skates. If you are looking to buy a complete pair of Riedell speed skates then you have some great models to choose from. The current offerings from Riedell for speed skates vary a lot in quality of components as well as in price but even with a low end pair of Riedell speed skates you will be a lot better of then wearing the rental skates at your local roller rink.

Many roller rinks now offer you the ability to upgrade to speed skates for a couple of dollars more. If you have never wore speed skates and are considering a pair then check your local skating rink. If they use Riedell for there speed skate rentals then you will be able to sample the great quality of Riedell speed skates. You can also talk with the people who run your local skating rink and they can usually fit you to a pair of Riedell speed skates and order them for you.

Current Riedell Speed Skate models are:

  • R3 Speed Skates
  • Dash Speed Skates
  • Diablo Speed Skates
  • Raider Speed Skates
  • Cobalt Speed Skates
  • Hammer Speed Skates

Current Riedell Speed Skate Boots available are:

  • Model 395 Speed Skate Boot
  • Model 811 Speed Skate Boot
  • Model 595 Speed Skate Boot
  • Model 195 Speed Skate Boot
  • Model 125 Speed Skate Boot
  • Model 122 Speed Skate Boot

Riedell Speed Skates can also be custom made to fit your personal roller skating style. Riedell speed skates can be used for roller derby, jam skating, and even recreational skating. In fact recreational skaters make up the vast majority of Riedell speed skate sales.

The Riedell speed skates listed above are just a few of the Riedell speed skates you can buy. Websites such as LowPriceSkates.com sell many other Riedell speed skate models. When looking to buy Riedell speed skate online you can do a search for Riedell speed skates and find many websites that sell roller skates.

Riedell speed skates are among the best in the roller skating industry. If you are looking for a great pair of speed skates that will last a long time then take a look at Riedell speed skates. Riedell speed skates have been proven to be some of the best roller skates available. You can find great deals on Riedell speed skates for cheap. The R3 Riedell speed skates can be found for under a hundred dollars at many online retailers. Riedell speed skates are made to not only go fast but to last.