Choosing the Riedell Ice Skates for you

Ice skating is a fun activity and a lot of people enjoy doing it, especially during the winter. If you are not well versed in the ice skating language, then you might be one of those people who just line up in the rinks mention your size to the sleepy attendant to give you a pair of ice skates to use. Eventually, you might get the hang of it and realize that you want to own a pair that you can use every time you would skate with your buddies, but how will you be able to choose the right ice skates for you?

Riedell ice skates is a brand that has been trusted by many people over the years when it comes to ice skates, even professionals wear them so you can be sure of the quality of these ice skates, still the question would be which Riedell ice skates is for you?

These Riedell ice skates are separated into different categories namely, the competitive, beginner and recreational, instructional, custom and soft series. These categories were given for one to be able to identify what he needs and choose from the top of the line Riedell ice skates that are included in the said category.

The beginner and recreational Riedell ice skates series are composed of ice skates that are excellent for people who are new in ice skating, this line includes the 115 RS, 121 RS and 110 RS  models which are all padded well to allow a new skater to practice in the ice longer, plus are quite affordable, so if you are not planning to turn pro then the purchase won’t exactly hurt your budget.

In fact, Rebel Music, a parent who bought the Riedell 10 girls ice skates through Amazon is very happy with the purchase and commented that, “The Riedell ice skates 10 is a nice entry level figure skate that won’t break the bank and won't exactly discourage your child from learning how to ice skate. Our daughter loves it and we're sure we'll be upgrading once she outgrows this pair but we're expecting this pair to last at least 1 or more seasons. The padding along the ankle area is a lot better than what we've seen when shopping for a nice entry level pair of skates. Overall, a nice entry level pair to have your child break in with.”

If you decide to move on to the next level and study professional ice skating the instructional series of the Riedell ice skates will best fit you. One of the skates in this category is the 133 TS Riedell ice skates which has PVC soles that are lightweight and has a Dri-Lex lining which is good in keeping your feet dry while practicing.

For those people who are already familiar with roller skating and decided to give ice skating a try then the soft series will be a great choice. These ice skates closely resembles running shoes and are very comfortable and stylish with lace hooks and closure straps which are Velcro and blades that are chrome plated.

People who are into competitive ice skating, the competitive series will be a great investment to have. There are five models to choose from which aim to provide optimum comfort and support to the user, the most famous is the 2010 LS which is a freestyle ice skating boot that can make a skater feel much lighter while doing stunts. When it comes to style, this Riedell ice skates comes in black or white color that can highlight your performance on the ice.

However, if you are a person who like to be unique and to have a skate that is designed only for you then you can check the Riedell ice skates that are customizable. The company will follow your specifications from the boots to use, the blades, and the color, which guarantees satisfaction.

The Riedell ice skates are highly recommended by the people who bought and used them, that goes to show that they are truly living up to the quality of the products they made, which have cemented their name in the business.