When you first begin to play Rift Planes of Telara you will need to create your character. Creating a character within Rift is easy, but deciding which character you will create is difficult. It is really difficult because you have so many character possibilities that you can choose form. For example, you can first begin by selecting your calling. You have the option of choosing between four different callings: Mage, Cleric, Warrior, or Rogue. Each one of these callings has a very different game play stance and will give you a much different game experience. Depending on which one of these you choose, your entire Rift Planes of Telara experience will be different.

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For example, if you decide to choose to play as a Warrior then you will be playing as a fierce melee fighter. You will be the first one to run into a fight and to slash at your enemy in hand to hand combat. If you choose to fight as a Mage you will be subjecting yourself to a life on fighting from the back lines. You will fight on the outskirts of the battle and you will learn the fine art of the magic craft. Through the magic craft you will learn how to wield the mighty power of magic and you will learn how to use this power against your enemies in Rift Planes of Telara.

Once you have decided which calling you will follow your next decision will be which class you will choose. Within each calling there are six classes. These classes range from a Warrior Champion to a Rogue Marksman. Each of these classes will give an entirely unique game play experience within each calling. There is a wide range among the classes even within each calling. If you are unsure of which specific class you would like to play as, first decide which calling you will choose and then decide upon your style of play. Whichever class falls in line best with your style of play will be the character that you will want to choose. Once you have made this difficult choice you will then be able to further customize your character in Rift Planes of Telara.

Your character needs clothing, armor and skills. All of this you will get in game once your character is created. When you first begin, your character will need to learn the necessary skills to be successful and your character will need to find weapons that support his or her style of play. Once this has been accomplished you will be able to completely immerse yourself in the game and enjoy the character that you have created!