Wearing eyeglasses can either make or unmake you. Putting a pair of eyeglasses changes one's appearance significantly. How significant is significant? Well, for the most part, your looks will be greatly overhauled from a boring type to, say, sexy--if you know how to pick the right pair, of course. A simple Walmart Eyeglasses can be made to look like Prada if you have the right choice, esp., when in comes to shapes. Obviously, you want a pair that suits your lifestyle and personality. Most people who have active lifestyles prefer to have several pairs of eyeglasses and this helps them well. Normally, experts would suggest that if you have a more conservative leaning, select shapes such as ovals or rectangles with either thin metal or plastic. You might as well choose rimless ones with 3-piece mountings. For the active and creative personalities, modern designs with thick or larger plastics are recommended. Certainly, colors for the frames such as blue, purple, or green are also good choices. If you are familiar with online shopping finding great prices would not be difficult. Should you go for a metal look, there are also a number of choices. The popular titanium based glasses are famous for their resistance to corrosion and impact, durability and strength. There is also Flexon. Commonly referred to as "memory metal" due to its amazing characteristic to return to its original shape when damaged or bent, this gadget is perfect for extreme sports types. The first consideration in maintaining or going after an image you like will be in choosing the right frames. There is a wide range of different materials to choose from. If you go after the color, zylonite or zly is an excellent choice. Very cost effective, lightweight and colorful, this piece is right for you. People with allergies to plastics should choose propionate because it is based on nylon also very light. Most of today's performance and sports glasses are made of nylon because it can be molded easily, and, so is normally used in wrap around styles. After choosing the right eyeglass frames, the correct lenses should be properly considered. Polycarbonate lenses are highly recommended because they are thinner and lighter. They are also designed to protect one from harmful UV rays. Most of these types of lenses are also scratch and impact proof. These types of lenses are commonly recommended for kids, sports, and safety eyeglasses. Walmart Eyeglasses and most of other designer brands are this type of eyeglasses. They come in many shapes and sizes in either rimless or normal eyeglasses at super cost effective prices.