Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick does live up to that name as it is very creamy and moisturizing. The affordable price makes it a good brand to experiment with. Rimmel cosmetics are easy to find and are sold in most drugstores and larger discount department stores.

The lipstick tube is modern and sleek in design which makes it fun and flirty.Bright purple plastic isn't for everyone, but it is attention getting.


The one thing I really didn't like about this lipstick? It smells like a combination of baby shampoo mixed with Ivory soap. This lipstick has a strong fragrance. I tried leaving the cap off to air it out, but this appears to be part of the formula.

If you like to layer your lip color on thickly, this shade could bleed. Applying coat after coat I noticed the color traveling outside of my lipline, but this could be because I'm older.Using a lip pencil would help keep the color in.

Rimmel of London is a fairly well-known cosmetic brand in the United States. I first became curious about Rimmel products by seeing some of their mascara ads using Kate Moss as their model. I'm slightly picky about mascara, but not so much with lip products. I had to see what RimmelLatino 240 offered as far as lipstick formulas and shades.

I looked them over and the one shade that caught my eye was the Latino shade #240. I love pink lip color so I decided to give this shade a try.

  • Price-I picked up this lipstick for $5.99 at my local drugstore which I consider a medium price range for a drugstore lipstick.
  • Packaging-As you can see in the photo, Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick comes in a very shiny purple and silver package. The tube itself is a super-lightweight plastic. It feels like nothing in your hand. The tube is wider than a lot of lipsticks on the market today. I like the fact that this tube stands upright with no tipping because it has a wider base. The shiny purple color of the packaging is a matter of taste. I really like it because it's unique.
  • Color-The Latino shade looks much darker in the tube than it does on the lips. In the tube, Latino looks like a dark pink shade with shimmer. The formula is more sheer and the color goes on like a really shimmery light rose-pink. This shade is so pretty and youthful. It also has much more shimmer than it appears in the tube.
  • Texture- The texture is light and creamy. I don't wear this with lip gloss or lip balm because it isn't drying at all. There is no stickiness with this lipstick. As far as the lasting properties, it doesn't do too bad considering this is a moisturizing lipstick. If I put this on and don't eat or drink it will stay for hours.


I recommend Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Latino for any woman who loves super-creamy lipstick in lighter shades with a lot of shimmer. This is a great shade for women who want lipcolor that makes a small mouth look fuller. The Latino shade of pink would look flattering on many different skin tones. This flattering shade also makes you look youthful and pretty which is always a plus.