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Different kinds of ring settings

Cheap Ring Settings Without StonesPurchasing ring settings without stones can save a little money at the jewelers. They are always cheaper without gemstones, even when you are buying gold rings. The glitz of the large stones may not suit your style if it is a ring you will be wearing every day, and sometimes less is more. The glamor of the big glittering rings may be saved for big glittering occasions. Simple rings are classics and they are wearable on all occasions. Let the attention be paid to you and not to the sparkles on your ring finger.

People also want ring settings without stones because they are less-expensive and the choices are numerous, stylish and beautiful without the flash. A search online at various jewelry stores as well as brick and mortEngagement Ring Settingsar jewelry stores will offer a huge assortment of very unique pieces that will suit both your style and your budget.

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Ring Settings For Him

Men have always been offered a good selection of ring settings without stones, so their choices are simple ones. Braided rings are simple, but with just enough detail to give a plain ring a little pizazz. They are a masculine style and have been popular for decades, still fashionable and trendy. The traditional silver and gold wedding band is making way for the more fanciful man's ring, jewelry with a little style, detail and imagination that doesn't require those gemstones. 

Engraving Rings Are Elegant Thoughts

Engraved rings are also a good option if you want to have ring settings without stones. If you are giving the ring as a gift or even as an engagement ring, having a short sentiment engraved ring will make it appealing and if the ring is plain, the sentiment could go on the outside, rather than the inside, so you have more options. Inscriptions maDiamond Ring Settingske them elegant and classic keepsakes and heirlooms. Your significant other will love the gesture and it will make her feel even more loved and important to you. Even if it is not given as an engagement ring, but at Valentine's Day or birthday present, she will be overjoyed by your thoughtfulness.

White Gold For Rings

Rings made of white gold are also worth considering. If your partner prefers silver over the brilliance of yellow gold, white gold is a good option. Yellow gold jewelry is not for everyone. White gold ring settings without stones have a purity in color and is much more conservative and toned down. White gold bands without the gemstones, but with just a little detail, may be perfect. They can be worn on any occasion, day or night. The choices available in white gold will make it difficult to choose just one. 

More Ring Options To Consider

Aside from silver and white gold, consider titanium. It is becoming more and more popular in jewelry anEngagement Diamond Ring Settings And Stylesd especially in ring settings without stones. There is a huge selection of titanium rings in the marketplace designed specifically for men, and they have a marked masculine appearance in the styling. Men prefer titanium. The very word denotes strength, power and prestige. Women also like titanium and there are designs that are more feminine.

There are also numerous other feminine ring settings without stones that a women would love to wear. Some have a Victorian appearance with lots of fine detail, filigree and scroll work set into the design. These are perfect for women who do not like all the glitz, but prefer simpler rings with a little tone-on-tone detailing. Rings like these are classics, never going out of style.