Risk free money is around for anyone to take. While investing in real estate or the stock market can make you more money, it can also take the shirt off of your back. Risk free money pays off a little differently but the payoff on some methods can be just as profitable as any potential risked returns on investment. Since both can pay off very well, the decision for most should be pretty simple. Going for the risk free money provides a clear advantage in the fact that, you may not always win, but you can never lose.

You can't predict the market

Before going over the details of risk free money it’s essential that you understand what is not risk free money. Knowing this could help you find your own risk free money in the future. As discussed earlier, the stock market is not risk free. At any point, something beyond your control can completely devalue your investment. To understand the risk of anything you need to know the best and the worst case scenario. What is the most you can make off of this investment?
What is the most you can lose of this investment? In theory, the next thing you need is the likelyhood of getting either scenario. That part of the equation is the part that trips everyone up. To this day no one can reasonably predict the odds. If you’re looking for risk free money then you don’t need to worry about the odds quite as much. Focus on the payoff. If you could make money off something without any potential loss of money then you have a potential risk free investment.


If you’re anything like me, every time you think of this first method of risk free money it will be like getting punched in the gut. Though not always pleasant, employment is risk free money. You will receive a structured payout while the company you work for assumes all of the financial risk. This is risk free money at its least useful but most popular. The structured payout means that the payout is not immediately(or maybe never) proportional to the value of the work being done. Meaning, you can work harder than you ever worked before and make the same amount of money. Hopefully, you’ll consider one of the next options.

Win-No Lose Situations

The next kind of risk free money can usually be found online. They come in a wide variety of packages but they can usually all be considered revenue sharing. These sites allow individuals to contribute to the content of the website and allow them to keep a small portion of the profit (or the potential profits.) These sites simplify the workload and remove the expenses of running a site and allow an unlimited upside to its contributors. Some of these sites include, InfoBarrel, Revver, and CafePress. Each site has its own contribution style but they all require no investment and unlimited upside. None of these sites can make you tons of money right away but each allows you with the chance to make money doing what you enjoy anyway. Search the internet for a site the lets you do what you enjoy while letting you make a little money. Risk free money is available on the internet. One note for your security, unless it’s a well-known company, do not provide details that they won’t need. If they ask for credit card information then be especially cautious.


The last form of risk free money that I’m going to be discussing is the least direct but most profitable in every sense. To make more money in anything you do you need to get educated. College is one way to do that but it also requires risk. The education that I advocate can be done in a library or on a job. It can also be in just about anything and still be profitable. A good example of this is a skateboarder. What skills do they learn? The obvious would be coordination but they also learn to get up after they fall and to practice to improve. Some of the other things one might learn is social skills from “hanging out”, or mechanical skills from changing bearings. Any education is transferable. Someone who gets good at one thing can get good at another easier in the future. Consider what you do with your time. Are you doing something that can promote the growth of skills or are you just watching tv and searching the web? What you do with your free time can pay off many times more than any costly investment. That education received can get you jobs, it can get you raises, or it can even get you running your own business. Do what challenges and excites you and it will pay off.

Risk free money is available to anyone that is looking for it. It’s not always easy but with a little bit of elbow grease anyone can learn their own way. The ones listed in this article are by no means the only way. Keep your eyes open for opportunities in your own life. Take what you can and relax knowing that the risk free money you earn is yours to keep.