The board game Risk requires strategic thinking in order to prevail. The recently released edition, while still the same game, has some new rules that make it really exciting to play. If you have played the classic boardgame Risk then here is an outline of some of the recent modifications to the rules of play.

Firstly instead of being dealt cards at the start of the game to determine where you put your armies, players now take turns placing one regiment on an unoccupied territory. On the very first go, each player also places their capital on an empty area. Play continues in a clockwise fashion until all countries are occupied. Once all the territories have been claimed, play continues round the table and each player is allowed to strengthen their countries one army at a time.

Another change is that rather than receiving personal mission cards, there is a shared pool of objectives. There are four minor and four major objectives that makes up a total of eight. To win the game, a player must hold three objective cards. This can be achieved by completing the objectives yourself or by eliminating a player holding objective cards. When you eliminate a opponent from the game of Risk you take control of their objective cards. An added incentive to complete objectives is the rewards you receive for doing so. For example an additional attack/defend dice roll, guaranteed card, additional manoeuver or even an airfield.

Being able to place an airfield on the board is great. It adds one to your highest die roll when you attack or defend from that territory or any adjacent country. The extra dice roll also provides a major advantage when you want to go on the rampage or as an added layer of defense.

Playing strategically is important if you want to win at playing the Risk boardgame. Capturing territory is necessary. We must also ensure we do not spread our armies too thinly. A strong base from which we can ensure our surviaval and launch attacks from help dominate. We must also be aware of which players are threatening us and possibly forge alliances with some players so that we may focus our efforts on other battles. Fighting on too many fronts at once may mean that we do not win anywhere.

Thinking long term is also an important strategy in the game of Risk. Capturing a continent at the expense of the majority of your armies does give you a continent but may be too easy for another player to take over. A better tactic may be to move more slowly which may make your attack more likely to hold the continent over the long term. Also by capturing multiple countries in one turn may draw too much attention to you and other players may begin to see you as the main threat. This kind of reputation is undesirable as it encourages the other players to attack you. Going about the game of Risk quietly may mean you can begin to dominate the world by stealth. The less you have to fight, the more armies you will accrue.

It can be very frustrating but we must remember that the Risk boardgame is just that, a game.