I remember how thrilled all of us were when the Rival CFF5-CHP Chocolate Fountain arrived a day before New Years. Not only the kids, but the adults were also excited to see the chocolate fountain get into action. This comes with a stainless steel bowl that can hold 5 pounds of chocolate and the dial control operation makes it easy.

It measures about 10x10x15 inches and sits firmly on the table. This makes a light sound and I like that because after all it is the chocolate that is flowing. Similarly cleaning is not cumbersome. If the consistency of the liquid chocolate is not good enough, it might thicken after some time and the fountain begins to drip slowly and does not flow freely. Make sure that the ratio of oil and chocolate is right.

Before setting it up, I went through the instruction manual and this gave every step in detail without any confusion. Assembling it was too easy and as it was the first time, I did not want to screw it up by making liquid chocolate from scratch. So, I used premixed ready to use liquid chocolate. I have also used the SF Signature Fountain and Fondue Milk on two occasions. All you have to do is to warm the packet in the microwave and throw in the liquid chocolate. As per the manual, the fountain needs to be just warmed for 5 minutes, but this gave disastrous results. I understand that at you should really warm it up for at least 40 minutes. 60 minutes is better and then turn on the motor. By doing so, the cascading affect of the fountain is improved.

For better visual effects, it is suggested that you start the Rival Chocolate Fountain an hour before guests are expected or the function begins so that the chocolate flows down consistently. But, it seems that the motor is designed to run continuously for only 2 hours and after that it stops. Actually, the problem is with the auger style pump that is not good enough and the cheap plastic plate that rotates in the centre melts after sometime. This comes with one year warranty and so I tried to claim replacement from Rival, but they refused as I bought this via Amazon. Now, they say that Rival has discontinued this product and I don't see any remote chance of seeing this functional again.

At $60, we could use it only four times and that is kind of disappointing to me personally. But all those who attended the party at home still speak about the marvelous home made two layered yummy chocolate fountain and that makes me feel good about it.