Bangladesh is a riverine country. Thousands of kilometers of rivers run through out the country like branches of a big tree.

The beauty of Bangladesh is described mostly about the beauty of the rivers. Most of the famous Bangla literatures are about the river related to its beauty, life around it or even childhood memories.

River played a very important role in civilization. In Bangladesh, most of the developments are emerged from the banks of the river. Each river has its historical importance and still those are impacting human life on its banks and the whole country as well.

In Bangladesh many people and companies are depending on the waters from the mighty Brahmaputra (or Jamuna), the Ganges (called Padma halfway in Bangladesh) and the Meghna. People use these rivers  and their tributaries not only to transport bulky goods but also for drinking water, irrigation, fisheries and fish farming. Besides, rivers can of course play a role in various recreational activities.

Rivers make the culture

The culture is very much interrelated with the rivers in Bangladesh. Find some facts below -

Jamuna River

Most talked about river in Bangladesh is Jamuna. Starting from its down pouring, it is flowing itself and also flowing the culture and economy of its relatives. River's relative!!!! Yes, the people are like relatives of the river and the river cares for its bank life. River is also destructive. As the character of river, it breaks the bank at one side and builds the opposite.

Jamuna bridge over the Jamuna river


Jamuna river is mostly important for a bridge across this river Jamuna Multi purpose Bridge. This bridge has connected several districts at Northern part of Bangladesh with the capital & surroundings. The Bridge is 4.8 km in length. The official name of this bridge is "Bangabandhu Shetu". The bridge connected not only the important regions of Bangladesh but also facilitated the region with gas, electricity, and telecommunication. This bridge has 4 lane road and a single track rail road.

Jamuna river is a unique sight seeing destination in Bangladesh. Adjacent to this river, there is a resort on Jamuna river bank. It is really magnificent for holidaying and outing. Highly facilitated with modern amenities and varieties of fun materials for all ages.     

Jamuna mainly runs through Tangail and Sirajganj district of Bangladesh. Bhramputra is one of the major river that derives from Jamuna.

Karnaphuli River

Karnaphuli river is the heart of he Chittagong region. It rises from the Mizo hill of Mizoram state, northeastern India. It runs through south and southeastern arm of Bangladesh and about 170 miles (240 km) long touching Chittagong, Rangamati district.

Chittagong city by the Karnaphuli river


There are several travel attraction beside Karnaphuli river.

Chittagong - The Biggest region Chattagong city is developed beside this river. Chittagong is known as the second capital of Bangladesh.

Rangamati - This attractive tourist destination is developed due to the dam on the Karnaphuli river and made this area as a lake which is called Kaptai lake. Rangamati is the queen of hill towns in Bangladesh. This is an exotic tourist destination. Most amazing is Island Hopping in "Peda Ting-Ting", "Tuk-Tuk Eco Village" and "Shuvolong". Lot of activities like boating, hiking, bird watching are here. The city is small and the people are so tourist friendly.