Road rage happens to all of us, whether someone cuts you off cheekily, is driving to close behind you or doesn’t have their dimmers on a dark country road; it’s those little things that can make us so angry. It also makes you wonder, if it annoys you so much that you probably don’t practice it, then why do other people do it so consistently.

Some people scream, some people swear or make obscene gestures, but at the end of the day getting this angry is bad for your heart, blood pressure and stress levels and it just is not worth it.

So here are a few tips to help you keep your traffic anger under control.


Sounds obvious but taking a big lung filling breath and releasing when something unexpected and annoying happens can help to keep back the spontaneous rage. Counting to ten helps here also


Is it worth it, is that person really worth the effort or attention. This behaviour from that person and anger from you will continue throughout the day. You won’t be able to help churning it round and around in your head which will put you in a bad mood for the day while that other person has probably forgotten it by now.


Control your ego. The road is no place to demonstrate that you are the big dog, which is what causes accidents. The road is a place to demonstrate calm mature driving, that will be safer for you and other road users.

Most likely the other road user was at fault but eventually they will put a foot wrong or do it to someone with as big an ego or in front of police and get into serious trouble. This type of behaviour is selfish because it affects their family as much as them if they land in trouble with the law.

You don’t need to teach them a lesson; even pressing the beep/horn is incorrect in those cases because using the beep/horn is only there to warn road users of danger and not to scare someone.

 Try to understand things from their point of view.

For example if you are in a big queue of traffic and someone from a side road drives in front of you cutting you off, try and see it from their point of view. They must have been waiting for a break in traffic for ages and just had enough. I would blame the other drivers in front of you that wouldn’t let that person out (provided it was safe and slow enough to do so).

Perhaps they have had a hard day or life just isn’t working out for them.

 Increase your driving enjoyment

Listen to music, have a positive attitude while driving and don’t hurry, because you will most likely get to your destination the same time whether you hurry or not and hurrying and being held up increases your stress levels and makes it more likely you will have road rage.

 Forgive and forget

Remember, at least one point you were in the wrong sometime somewhere too.

 Safe driving