Road rage is unfortunatley becoming more and more prevalent in the world today. In the United States alone more than 300 cases have been reported. These cases almost always end in serious injury or death. Those that drive with road rage have by some experts been diagnosed with mental problems. Other research concluded that some have learned aggressive behavior from their parents. Whatever the cause road rage can kill. If you find yourself driving near an aggressive driver its good to be prepared.

We have all seen it, someone cuts in front of you yelling and giving you the finger. It may be unclear to you why, or you may have realized you made a minor mistake. The anger you feel as the aggressive person insults you can sometimes make you feel like blowing up. Most of us, when frusterated behind the wheel know how to have control. We understand that blowing up and acting out only makes everything worse and its really not the right thing to do. Its hard for people who know how to remain calm and in control under 5 oclock traffic, to understand the person who cant seem to understand reasoning. They go off into a rage and some become violent.

Road rage is a real danger, it can happen anywhere and at anytime. There are several stories by victims of road rage, one involving a women. The women was driving to slow, when the driver behind her became angry. The next time they came to a traffic stop, he exited his car. He then approached her window and punched her in the face. There have also been incidents of people running others off the road, shoting them for cuting in front of them, or for talking on their cell phones. Its becoming more dangerous to drive each day. We have to do what we can to protect ourselves.

There are a few things you can do to stay protected. If someone wants to cut you off let them, after all its not worth getting into a big fight. The best thing to do is to drive friendly and if someone is being aggressive then give them space, try your best to stay away as much as possible from them. Those who drive with road rage can become very dangerous, you need to always protect yourself. Keep your doors locked and windows up. This can prevent an attack at an intersection. If you notice drivers who are mad or seem mad at you, do not make eye contact with them. If you look at them they may mistake that as a sign that you want to start a fight. Always remember that whatever they do, you try to keep yourself emotionally in control, and give them space. Always steer clear of an angry driver.