Labor Day weekend is the last official summer holiday nationwide and the roads will be full of travelers on road trips, vacations, sightseeing and celebrating. Often there are reminders for travelers to watch for truckers on the road. They read and hear about trucker’s blind spots, weight and stop time limitations. Face it; truckers are on the road doing a job as usual with a heightened sense of safety to consider this Labor Day weekend. These Labor Day Safety Tips on the Road are easy to read and follow.

A well-rested and alert mind is a traveler's best asset.               

Alert and well-rested travelers are alert to other drivers that are not necessarily used to traveling long distances and make mistakes. Getting enough rest is important to travelers having to deal with construction, distractions, weather, disoriented travelers and any sudden traffic hazards they encounter.

Increase Safety Checks 

Check and recheck your vehicle each time you stop to look out for safety hazards, maintenance, and any potential concerns. Increased numbers of drivers on the road means that diligence in safety checks is even more important than usual. An aware traveler is a safe driver.

A Good Plan is a Plan

Plan and map out your route. Give yourself enough time to allow for unexpected route changes or other unanticipated stops. Do your research on construction zones and any route changes you may have to adjust to get where you are heading. A GPS is helpful when updated to alert you of any congestion, construction or other navigation needs a traveler may need.

Eyes to the Sky, Ears to the Forecast

Watch the weather. Keep a close eye on the national and local weather reports where you may be driving through. If you anticipate hazardous weather, keep safety stops to keep you and your vehicle safe from high winds, flooding or other conditions deemed unsafe for travel.

Impaired Driving is Not Safe Driving

Avoid alcohol and substances that may impair your judgment while on the road. Travelers should have food and water breaks when needed because impairment related to blood sugar, dehydration and hunger are just as important.

Keep the running lights on when traveling long distance.

Having your headlights or running lights on when you are traveling day or night is a wise habit when traveling long distance. A well-lit vehicle is easier for other drivers to see.

The last big road travel weekend of the summer is Labor Day Weekend. Be safe, alert and aware of all possible problems or road hazards. Truckers are used to traveling long distances but be mindful of the size of their vehicles and be sure they see you when you are passing their rigs. A safe traveler gets to where the fun is so take time to know the road. Follow these safety tips and enjoy a safe road trip.