road trip with dog

Is it vacation time? Looking to do a long road trip? Planning this road trip with a dog? Then here are a few good tips that will help with your vacation plans that include your special friend.

Road trips and vacations can not only be fun for you but for your dog as well. But there has to be some planning involved to make this trip extra special for you and your dog.

When packing up the car, you not only need a bag for you and your family but your dog needs its own suitcase as well. This is what should be included in his suitcase or backpack to make a road trip with a dog more enjoyable.

Ten Things To Pack For A Road Trip With Your Dog

1. Food dish (you can get special lightweight travel dishes)

2. Water dish

3. Towels (in case you stop near some water and he jumps in for a swim)

4. Water bottles to fill his water bowl with while traveling

5. poop bags (no explanation here, you should still pick up after your dog)

6. Leash

7. brush

8. favorite toys (plus a couple of new ones to keep him occupied in the car)

9. traveling crate or doggy seatbelt. (your dog should not be loose in a car. Not only can he get injured if you have to stop fast, or end up in a accident, but he will become a projectile that will kill him and possibly you. So, keep your dog buckled up when traveling with your dog.)

10. All his medical records showing proof of shots etc.

The above (other than the doggy seatbelt or travel crate) should fit into his own backpack. While on your road trip with your dog, stop often for leg stretching and drinks of water and "business". Your dog will benefit from this too, as he will stay settled in a car longer if you let him burn off steam.

If you are staying at hotels, then just do some research before hand. There are many pet friendly hotels and motels all over North America and beyond, you just have to find them. The best way is to key in "pet friendly hotel in ____" (insert the area you are traveling to) and a list should come up.

Book it ahead of time and this way you and a tired dog are not searching endlessly for a hotel that takes dogs.

If you are camping with your dog. Then there are some other things you can take, if you have the room in your car or van or trailer.

1. Portable fence. (these are great, they just fold flat, but are a great temporary yard around your tent or camper so your dog can be safe while off leash.

2. Ground screw, These look like metal cork screws that you can screw into the ground and it usually comes with a chain, so you can exercise your dog at your campsite by screwing this into the ground and hooking up the chain.

Driving with a dog, and vacationing with a dog can be fun, you just have to anticipate any problems that can arise. Just think of your pets routines at home, and try and come up with ways to do the same while traveling with your dog. Just think of his needs, and try to pack them. Food, water, exercise, brushing, something for him getting wet etc...

By having his own little backpack then you will not be searching the car high and low for things while traveling.

If you have a destination in mind, then do some research in the area for veterinarians, just in case you have an emergency while there. This is why it is good to take your pets records. I just put them in a zip lock bag and keep in his backpack. This way it is all together.

A road trip with a dog can be a lot of fun. They will get lots of time with you, and that is the point right? Everyone together having a good time. So, head out on the highway, take that road trip with your dog, with some pre-planning you can have a great time traveling with your dog.