Learn how to identify and overcome roadblocks to success

There will be obstacles that will obstruct you from moving towards your goal for success. Some of them are completely out of your control, while some of them are easier to dispel.

Fear of the Unknown, and of Failure

We are all naturally afraid of failure. Nobody knows what will happen to us tomorrow. You may stumble several (or many) times before you strike “gold” with your proposed idea. You may succeed after a few tries. However, you will DEFINITELY always fail if you were too afraid to try and explore, to go beyond your comfort zone.

Here’s what you should do: Treat every mistake or failure as a learning experience. Use it to empower yourself. As you make mistakes, bring yourself back to your feet. Pick yourself up and try again.  

Feeling of Inadequacy

Many people have experienced crippling self-doubts. The only way to counter this is to start believing in yourself, having more confidence in your abilities. If you let your doubts consume you, you will not last long in your journey to achieve success.

Learn more, improve yourself, start working harder, and ignore what the haters may say.


Throughout your pursuit of success, you will find that you have to choose some areas of your life that you have to prioritize. This equates to making decisions of what stays in your life, and what leaves. If you become paralyzed with decision-making, you probably wouldn’t be moving forward in your life.

The successful man makes decisions because he wants to be in control of his life. Start being firm with your thoughts and start thinking for yourself.

Social Circle

When you have made a decision to attain success, you will find that there will be people in your life are going to definitely be jealous of you, therefore they will try to bring you down. Do not allow these people to tear your down, and let go of them in your life immediately.

You will be better off surrounding yourself with people who will pick you up and bring you further. Find communities where like-minded people congregate, and you can share ideas with them, motivate each other, hold each other accountable, and eventually achieve your goals together.

Lack of Energy

Most people simply do not have the energy and enthusiasm level to move their lives. Eventually they reach a point where they are comfortable being lazy and not taking any action. When you find that this is happening to you, immediately force yourself to get up and start doing something productive that will progress you further in life.