Roaring twenties costumes are rather hard to come across; however, there are a few notable ones that you should keep your eyes open for! I guess that these Halloween costumes are hard to find because the 1920's was such a long time ago. You can get your hands on a costume from the 20's, you will just have to keep your eyes peeled!

The roaring twenties is a term that refers to the 1920's; a special decade that was filled with mobsters and flappers!

I am not saying that these are the only 1920's costumes to consider; however, there are a few reasons that you should keep your eyes open for these:

-These costumes can be worn to a special 1920's costume party or to go trick or treating; they are practically universal!

-Dressing up as any of these characters is the cheapest way to become someone from the 1920's. The costumes are rather inexpensive.

-All of these Halloween costumes are representative of the roaring twenties. Dressing up for Halloween is about people knowing who you are; the best costumes are self-explanatory!

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A Flapper Is The Best Roaring Twenties Costume For Women

In the 1920's, flappers were basically young women; females that had past their "girl" stage, but had not yet made it to womanhood! With that being said; flappers are one of your best bets if you are a woman that is considering dressing up in one of these roaring twenties' costumes!

Some of the common qualities of a flapper costume are:

-A vibrantly colored short fringe/sequin dress

-Long jewel or pearl necklaces

-A lengthy cigarette holder

-A headband with a feather in it; the color of the headband would usually match the dress

-Open hole stockings

-Occasionally a boa that matches the color of the dress

One of the greatest things about this 1920's costume is that you can make it yourself! Homemade costumes may seem difficult at the beginning; however, you will realize that it is extremely easy once you have started to create your DIY costume. Simply combine all of the accessories that are listed above, and you will have yourself a homemade roaring twenties flapper costume!

Dress Up As A Gangster From The 1920's

Gangsters were absolutely everywhere during the roaring twenties, and they literally ran every town! The only thing is that only men could be gangsters; it is very sexist, but the 1920's was a decade that was filled with this type of thought!

With that being said, men that are looking to dress up in one of the roaring twenties costumes should really consider buying a gangster costume! Some of the costume accessories that can be found in a 1920's gangster package are:

-A fitted suit with a dress shirt and tie

-A plastic gun of some sort

-A fedora (either white or black)

-Some fake money to throw around

As you can see, these costume accessories can be easy to find, and you probably have some of them lying around in your closet! For instance, you can use your own suit, dress shirt, and tie, and buy the other costume accessories to create a homemade gangster costume.

The most amazing thing about this 1920's Halloween costume is that it is relatively cheap (if you don't want to make a homemade one). You can find a gangster costume on Amazon for less than $30!

Use Old Looking Formal Clothes To Make Your Own Roaring Twenties Costume

As you can see from the info above, everyone was a flapper or gangster during the 1920's! However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can only dress up as those two types of characters! You can create your own 1920's costume by combining some of the above costume accessories with your own formal clothes!

To make a homemade costume from the 20's, you must:

-Choose a formal looking dress or suit

-Combine it with your best pair shoes or heels

-Select a few of the costume accessories that you see in the flapper and gangster sections above, and buy them from your local Halloween store

-Practice speaking like you are in the 1920's; they used formal words and were very "proper" when speaking

When it comes to dressing up as a character from the 1920's, you should be choosing one that is representative of the roaring twenties. I have listed and described the costumes that will represent the decade perfectly, and provided you with a third option (if you feel comfortable making a homemade costume).

There are two main types of roaring twenties costumes to choose from (flappers and gangsters); choose the one that suits your needs, and head to your local Halloween party!