It is grilling season again, and as the house gets hotter from the heat of the season, we tend to come away from those comfort foods such as roasted potatoes, and change to salads and bread, but after a month of that, you do begin to miss those potatoes!.

This is the Secret Ingredient for the Best Taste!

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But you can still have your taters, by roasting them on the grill.

Here is a simple recipe that you can do on the grill  that taste great and go with any entree.

Things You Will Need


- small red potatoes, cleaned but with skins still on

- Montreal steak spice

Montreal Steak Seasoning 3.4 Oz

- Olive oil, or vegetable oil, or canola oil, or corn oil. basically your oil of choice

- Heavy duty barbeque tin foil. Make sure it is the heavy duty one, this stops leaks and fires in your barbeque!

Method for Awesome Taste!

If you are cooking something for dinner that is quick such as steak or a thin burger, then you need to get these roasted potatoes on ahead of the meat.

They don't take long once they are on the grill, but you need at least 20 - 30 minutes if you can at a medium temperature.

This also depends on the size of your potatoes, I like to use the tiny ones for this reason, they just cook quicker.

Step 1 - Take your potatoes and put them in a bowl.

Step 2 - Sprinkle some oil on them, just enough to coat them, not too much, mix them around in the bowl to get coated with the oil.

Step 3 - Then tear off a good size piece of heavy duty tin foil, and place your potatoes in a single layer on the foil.

Step 4 - You need to be able to cover the roasted potatoes with all the foil.

Step 5 - Then sprinkle with your steak spice.

Step 6 - Cover and put on the grill.

If you are short on room, you can lump the potatoes together in a pile in the foil package, it just may take a bit longer to cook.

But I find if you use the smaller red potatoes, they don't take very long at all. I have done this many a time with good results. 

Heavy Duty Foil to Wrap Potatoes In

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Make sure you have an area at the top of your foil package where you can peak inside (with a gloved hand of course!) and you can poke a knife at the potatoes to see if they are ready.

This is a great way to get your roasted potatoes, along with your steak or chicken, or whatever you are eating tonight!. The house does not heat up, and this just seems to taste better on the barbeque. You can change up the spices to add different flavors, but my family have decided that the Montreal Steak spice ( that you get in a spice bottle) is the cats meow when it comes to roasted potatoes.

Another great twist to these roasted potatoes on the barbeque, is that you can take any leftover roasted potatoes, and use them for potato salad. I have purposely roasted them this way before, just to use for a spicy potato salad. Either way, these taste great!

Tips & Warnings

You might need to do some more laps in the pool or jog on the spot while barbequing your roasted potatoes, to burn off those extra calories!