Robert H. Jackson

Robert Houghwout Jackson was a well known person after World War II. He was known best for when he served on the Supreme Court. He dealt with the Nuremberg Trials, which was dealing with big trials of the German soldiers or the Nazi's after the war. He also wrote a really good stories on the trials and court cases, and did other important things

Robert Jackson was an American lawyer, judge, and writer of the 20th century. He was very good and determined at all of his jobs. He was born on February 13, 1892. He was brought up in Frewsburg, New York. He was brought up right. He graduated from high school, but never went to college. He did study law office and took some classes at Albany School. He basically taught himself about law and he was good at it. He became a very successful man dealing with law.

His main career started in 1934 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked him to serve as a General Counsel at the Internal Revenue Service. He accepted the President's offer and moved to Washington D.C. with his family. After his five years as a General Counsel he was appointed Associate Justice. From hear he kept on getting better jobs and was well known at this time. He got there from hard work and determination.

He was confirmed in on July 7, 1941 as a Supreme court Justice.. The reason why he was appointed was because Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes announced his retirement in June of 1941, and President Roosevelt nominated him for it. He served more than 13 terms on the Supreme Court. He served from 1941 to his death in 1954. The main thing he was known for was in 1945. This was when he served in the Nuremberg Trials. These were a series of big trials after World War II.

The Nuremberg Trial was the first main international trial after a big war, which means more than one country or in this case the allies. This was a big thing for Robert Jackson. He was appointed chief prosecutor for this trial on May 2, 1945. President Harry S.. Truman was the one who appointed him. The trail focused on about 2 dozen people and that were really bad in the war.

The Nuremberg Trials were dealing with major Nazi war criminals. The point of the Nuremberg Trials was to find the Nazi war criminals guilty of numerous charges the main one was killing millions of helpless people. These criminals were bad people. Most of them worked very close to Hitler and were influenced by him. In the trial there were 22 defendants all Nazi criminals. It was his job to prosecute them or find them guilty. Jackson in the trial had to cross examine three of the 22 defendants. Jackson also gave the opening and closing statements for the trial. The opening and closing statements are probably the most important thing in a trial. Like I said before the trial was international.

Since the trial was international there was more then one country participating in the trial. It was held in Nuremberg Germany, which was were the Nazi Party fell. They had to reconstruct some of the court building to make it bigger but it was kept in one piece for a reason. Each of the judges in this trial was from each of the allied country. It was Russia, the United States, France and the United Kingdom. They all had to decide if each of the criminals were guilty of the charges brought up. There was more things to do before the trial though.

Before the trial was held the ally countries had to decide where and when it was. Jackson was the one in charge of this. The allies sign an agreement paper on August 8, 1945, and it was called the London Charter. The first Nuremberg Trial began on November 20, 1945, and lasted for about 10 months. In the trials there was no jury like in most trials just judges from different countries. The trials were not at all easy

The trials were not short and easy. Many of the defendants had good reasons why they did it and that it wasn't their fault. Many of the defendants said they were ordered to by Hitler and in that case wasn't their fault. These reasons put up a good fight and a big discussion between the judges. The three defendants he cross-examined were Hermann Goering, Albert Speer, and Hjalmar Schacht. There was translator there to translate for them. Jackson was very good at persuading the Judges, and very intelligent

Robert Jackson was a very smart man. With these trials he made them very organized and the leadership that he brought forth was superior. He made the trial very interesting even though the trials were very long. He brought up the right evidence and points in the trial. Everyone saw why President Truman appointed him for the job. He also put a lot of effort and determination in the trials. The study of law earlier in his life really paid off for him in his later years. This is why he was the right man for this job Jackson influenced court cases.

Robert Jackson was so good and intelligent that people look in on his work today, and it changed people's perspectives on international law. He was much different from the other justices, and I think this is another good thing about him. The thing that was different about Jackson was his decision and his new ideas he brought to law. Jackson's determination and hard work brought down many war criminals and other criminal. Many people follow what he did in the Nuremberg Trials today and use his ideas in law today. He went on after the Nuremberg trials on other court cases.

After the Nuremberg Trials Jackson continued to serve as a Supreme Court justice. He appeared in big court cases like Brown vs. Board of Education which dealt with desegregation in 1954. That was his last court case. He died in 1954 from a server heart attack. His death was very sudden and he was 62 years old. From 1941 to his death in 1954 he served on the Supreme Court and served almost all of the major court cases there.

Robert Houghwout Jackson will be remembered as the one who influenced and set new perspectives on international law. He was very good on what he did in his life,as a writer, a lawyer, and a judge. He lived from 1892 to 1954. He did a lot for America. He wrote a couple stories, served on the Supreme Court for over 13 years, and he served as a lawyer/prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. He persuaded many people especially in the Nuremberg Trials. He did it through evidence, thought, words of emotion, determination and hard work. Jackson did his job correct. Every one will remember him by how intelligent he was and what he did for law. He set new standards with law in general and is very famous for doing what he did in his life time and even after. Also no one will forget how much he effected international law and remember what he did in the Nuremberg Trials and what he wrote about for different court cases and trials he participated in.