Costumes and accessories related to Robin Hood have always been a favorite of adults and children alike. Children like to dress up like Robin Hood for parties, in school plays, on Halloween, and many other occasions. The Robin Hood hat is very well known, and making your own is not difficult. Children often learn how to make this kind of a hat in their school art and craft class or at children's fairs. These hats are quite famous and are recognized everywhere because of their unique style and feather.

What is a Robin Hood hat? It's a felt or cloth hat which has its brims turned up on all sides in a triangular shape. The backside of the hat is pointed and always has a feather stuck on the top. The feather is the most distinctive attribute of the Robin Hood hat.

Robin Hood hats are sometimes worn for fashion, but mostly they are a popular costume party item. These hats are lightweight and fit snugly on the head if you are careful to purchase or make them in the correct size. The only color you will typically find them in is green. You may find hats other pale colors, but the original Robin Hood cap is considered to be green.

You can learn how to make one of these hats in no time! You may use many kinds of material, such as felt or stiff cotton cloth. For a more long lasting hat, try using green shaded suede or velvet.

When you want to quickly make a Robin Hood hat for onetime use, you can make one using an existing hat and plastic or even thick paper. Color the hat green and stick a fake or real feather in it and your hat is ready for the occasion.

Making Your Own Robin Hood Hat
You can make your own hat using any kind of thick green felt material and a few additional supplies. You will need either a sewing machine or a glue gun. Black double folding tape and a feather is required as well.

Start by cutting the felt in a semi circle. Fold the semi circle and keep the right sides together. Then sew or glue the felt to make a quarter circle. Turn the cap the right side out. Then by folding the bottom of the hat upwards and stitching it up the distinctive hat shape will appear. Make a small pinch in the top of the hat and stick your feather on the top. This completes your hat! To give it style, just fold or roll the brims of the hat outwards. This is the easiest way to make a hat in the Robin Hood style. Be sure that the felt material you use is stiff enough and keeps the hat upright. If not, the top of the hat will collapse and it will not look like a Robin Hood hat.

Hats meant for children and women look a little different than the ones made for men. The feather on these hats may be a more "furry" kind for women, which makes the hat look more stylish. For children, the hat may have a colorful feather, and the brims can be a bit more rolled up.

If you do not have the time to make the hat yourself, you can often get discounted Robin Hood Hats during the Halloween season. Be sure to look at the accessories along with the hat. You can purchase complete Robin Hood costumes which include the hat, and you'll then be ready for your next costume party or Halloween!