As they say, "Necessity is the mother of all inventions". It has always been the case. When man needed something, he comes up with several ways to meet that need before settling for the best. After all, technology, science, and research and development should be all about making our lives easier and more convenient for us to go through our daily grind.

The same is true with Internet technology. We used to be happy with just being able to access Web pages, read news websites instead of the good ol' newspapers or Google whatever it is that we need. Time has always been a premium commodity, and Internet developers know this only too well. Hence, we are provided with "short cuts", better versions, faster applications, etc. Everything we are enjoying on the Internet today was born out of the objective of wanting to improve what we already have.

The problem

There was a time when manually logging on to access our favorite websites and applications was a pleasant experience – because there were only a few hundred websites back then. Now, we have millions, if not billions of sites, and remembering all those usernames and passwords at the top of our heads has become cumbersome if not time consuming. If you use multiple usernames and passwords which is what is recommended to maintain utmost confidentiality and security, then how many usernames and passwords would you have to remember?

Next best thing is to write down every bit of account information per website. But, could you realistically do this very website you somehow ventured into and would want to keep going back to? If you are a "serial" website and blog-hopper like most people are, how long would this written list be? And what if you forgot to bring the list with you because you usually keep it in your bedside table?

The solution

The simpler answer to this conundrum is to use a RoboForm filler. With a RoboForm filler, logging in to your favorite websites and applications can be made in a breeze.

RoboForm – functionality

RoboForm makes your surfing and logging in process effortless by automatically saving then entering your usernames and passwords – per website! All you have to do is simply click and login. The process is very similar to a browser bookmark. With RoboForm, you'll never need to remember or type in another password ever again.

Using the "Passcard" which is the fundamental function of RoboForm allows you to save your online login forms whenever you hit the "Submit" or "Login" button on any website.

By saving your login information onto a passcard, you make logging into any website easier for you starting on the next time you visit that site. This is especially true with the one-click login function of the passcard. Simply clicking on the login command will immediately take you to the website it is associated with to let you log in automatically.

You can also edit your passcards to add notes on each password to "customize" it even more or to just describe what you have saved on that particular passcard. What's more, you can use our RoboForm Identities feature to securely store your name, address, email, credit cards, and all other personal information. Simply click on your RoboForm Identity to fill entire Web forms automatically and you get to save yourself hours of needless typing – or having to write information down on a list.

Another good thing about RoboForm is that it allows you to access your RoboForm Logins and Identities regardless of whether you are using a PC or a MAC. You can use it on all your computers and even your devices because RoboForm runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Windows USB drives. RoboForm also has apps for most of the popular mobile phones like the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. This lets you use your free RoboForm online service to synchronize and back up your data with RoboForm servers, so you can enjoy secure one-click access from almost everywhere.

More importantly, aside from being a password manager, RoboForm also has other functions that can provide even more convenience for you. A good example would be the software that conducts your searches for you. You simply have to type your search keyword, press the appropriate function key and then the keyword will be searched in the search engines. There is no need to go from one search engine to the next just to find what you need.

RoboForm can also be used to look up white pages, domain names, the weather report in a specific area, and even Merriam-Webster word definitions. In addition, you can also bookmark pages you have visited with login forms. This is precisely the reason why RoboForm is one of the most popular password management software in the market today.

RoboForm - security issue

Aside from being very functional, easy to use, and time-saving, its popularity can be attributed to the fact that its encryption system can truly keep usernames, passwords and PINs from being stolen. Password security is one of the key elements of using RoboForm. It utilizes several layers of encryption to ensure that your passwords and other account information are safe from prying, especially from key loggers. For added security, you can even generate passwords for as long as 512 characters (now, try remembering that and keying it in off the top of your head), and you can also command RoboForm to purge your cache every time you log off.

As for physical security, you can choose to store RoboForm and your data using a USB key. The portable form of the software is called RoboForm2Go, and it lets you to keep your sensitive data in a separate USB disk. The data you store and the software itself are never kept in the computer. Thus, you can be assured of a high level of security because only you will have access to your information.

Now, how is that for convenience and security online? Not only do you no longer have to keep track of each and every username and password you elect for every website that catches your fancy, RoboForm also assures you of password security every time you are online. I am using RoboForm for years now – and it is doing very very good its job – it is the most useful piece of software I ever use while surfing on internet. It is truly a "must have" – not out of snootiness but out of necessity.