Do you want to know what is strange about Sekrett Scilensce? As I started listening to their recent track "Robot-Mind Robot-Eye" I could not help but feel I was listening to some new sensational artists who was able to so easily blend 70s pop synthetic qualities with a vocal styling that touches on rap and hip-hop, and follows shortly after with catchy choral voices reminiscent of power metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. He seemingly takes cues from many styles of music, making his own music very eclectic and a pleasure to listen too. Sekrett Scilensce (pronounced: Secret Silence) is the artistic name of a composer and producer of classical and electronic Eurasian crossover music. His primary instruments are piano and synthesizers. I recently reviewed his song "The Wasteland", as I thoroughly enjoyed my listens to it. "Robot-Mind Robot-Eye" follows in a similar suit, but it strays from the sound displayed on the former song in ways that makes this a completely unique listen.

As previously discussed, I find hip-hop to be a genre that borders on dead; though fortunately we can still find some legitimate artists walking through "The Wasteland" (you get the pun?). These artists are sort of like zombies, in that they breath new life into the "dead bodies" that are found in so much modern pop, hip-hop, and rap (among other genres). To say that Sekrett Scilensce is like a zombie is actually a very positive attribute. The music is very much alive, and deals heavily with political topics; even going so far as to touch on abstract philosophical concepts as are evidently found in this song. To take the words directly from Sekrett Scilence's press release:

"In an alternate universe (or in reality?), a computer developer sits at his desk, pondering the next great invention for 'mankind.' He leans forward, eyes intense, "I'm proposing an amusement park, chock-full of computer toys and I've got just the place for it, a little known island, we'll call it, iLand." Will you plug-out, or will you remain plugged-in, forever?"

With that final philosophical question in your mind, will you not read further and examine this track in more detail? Then check it out for yourself?


Sekrett Scilence's musical sound touches on a variety of different genres and atmospheric feelings. The song has a very industrial/synthetic vibe, which goes perfectly with the theme of the song (as well as the title). There is a very nice synthetic back beat driving this track, and the use of synths throughout the entire piece is very nicely done; and a throwback to songs from the 70s and 80s.

This composition is not nearly as complex as "The Wasteland", but this works to its advantage as it will be easier for people to get into the vocal sections and "feel" the music without thinking too much about what is occuring. Interestingly enough, the vocals are very well done and very varied; which was a great surprise. We are treated to the "standard" vocal stylings seen on "The Wasteland", which is a sort of ethnic rap/hip-hop vocal style. The song then moves on as he places a vocoder over his voice, to add to the cold, robotic feeling in the verses. Finally, we are greeted very well by the cresendoing power metal styled vocals hovering over the chorus. Simply put, this song is a pleasure to listen to as there is so much variety; even with such a minimalistic composition.


The lyricism present in "Robot-Mind Robot-Eye" follows the previous track "The Wasteland" thematically. The lyrics are both good and easy to get into. Do not expect overly complex words, however they do the music justice and I did not stumble on any lyrics that distracted my listening. In fact, some sections, especially the chorus, are very singable. In short, I have nothing to complain about with this tracks lyrics. They fit the track very nicely!


Sekrett Scilence's "Robot-Mind Robot-Eye" is a great song. This may be a simple statement, but there is very little I can say with words to describe listening to it. It is minimalistic and poppy, though in the same respect experimental and quirky. Given the influx of strange bands similar to this, like Lady Gaga, I can easily see this band as being really appealing to the masses. "The Wasteland" is currently playing on a few radio stations in major cities across the United States. I would expect that it is only a matter of time before Sekrett Scilence is picked up by a major record label and given the spotlight like many of these other artists before him.

If you are interesting in checking out Sekrett Scilence’s music, feel free to check out “Robot-Mind Robot-Eye” for free at this page.

If you are interested in checking out his press release for his songs “The Wasteland” and "Robot-Mind Robot-Eye", you may check out this link as well.